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Drew Magary

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Drew Magary

Drew Magary: Adam Rapoport's 'Bon Appetit' was a terrible magazine - SFGATE

You might have heard that Bon Appetit Editor-In-Chief Adam Rapoport resigned in disgrace Monday []. Rapoport packed his knives and left after a 2004 photo of him in brownface resurfaced online, resulting in numerous minority Bon Appetit staffers — most notably assistant food editor Sohla El-Waylly [] — documenting their shoddy treatment during his reign. These we…

Drew Magary: Bill Simmons has had this coming for a long time now -...

Understand that Bill Simmons isn’t gonna learn a goddamn thing from this. The founder...

An idiot's guide to making your first Thanksgiving feast - SFGATE

Drew Magary is here to help you on your maiden Thanksgiving cooking voyage.

I found it. The most annoying alternative food product on earth. - ...


'Succession' is actually the same show as 'Entourage' - SFGATE

The shocking parallels between “Succession” and “Entourage” cannot be unseen, writes...

Pat Sajak is an asshole - SFGATE

Pat Sajak from “Wheel of Fortune” is retiring. SFGATE columnist Drew Magary says...

David Zaslav kills everything he touches, including GQ - SFGATE

David Zaslav killed HBO and “Batgirl.” Now, he’s had an article deleted from GQ’s...

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Connor Stalions, Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are incredibly guilty - ...

The downside of the NCAA allowing college football players to make money off their names, images and likenesses (or NIL) is that we, the people, have been deprived of the trumped-up NCAA infraction scandals that have imbued the sport with so much shady character over its life span. Who can forget SMU receiving the mythical “death penalty” back in 1987? Or USC’s Reggie Bush getting his Heisman repossessed because his agent let his parents rent a house for free? Or Florida State, aka Free Shoes Un…

Donald Trump is broke hahahaha - Politics - SFGATE

Did you hear the news? Donald Trump is broke as s—t! Sure, you already knew that the former president’s empire was built on bankrupt casinos, skyscrapers that are cratering in value, fake universities, fake shoes, unpaid vendors, dodged taxes, undrinkable wines and inedible steaks. You already knew that this man didn’t actually have an empire at all ... that he was full of s—t the entire time. But now it’s OFFICIAL, because New York Attorney General Letitia James was able to prove it in an enorm…

The Washington Post is about to embrace the darkness - SFGATE

It’s easy to execute a news dump when you’re one of the scant few remaining places that bother to properly cover news at all. Such was the case earlier this week at Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, when executive editor Sally Buzbee — who had replaced venerated former news chief Marty Baron — was unceremoniously forced out by Post leadership after just three years at the helm. The news that Buzbee was given the gate arrived via a companywide email late Sunday night, seemingly without much in the way…