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David French

David French

Contributing Columnist at TIME

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David French

The Diabolical Logic of Nuclear Blackmail - The Dispatch

Can Putin’s threats prevail even after his army has failed?

Against the Demolition of the American Spirit - The Dispatch

The new revolutionaries fabricate the case for American failure.

How Hypocrisy Drives Unbelief - The Dispatch

What happens when religion is reduced to a moral code.

The Alex Jones Verdict Exposed an Important Legal Truth - The Atlantic

The fabrication-industrial complex is skating on thin legal ice.

Roe Is Reversed, and the Right Isn't Ready - The Dispatch

A movement animated by rage and fear isn’t ready to embrace life and love.

Under Attack from Fundamentalist Pirates, Evangelical Baptists Refu...

In Nashville, Evangelicals clashed with toxic fundamentalists—and Evangelicals prevailed

Why Compassion Is Divisive - The Dispatch

In the age of cancel culture, mercy makes enemies.

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To Do the Right Thing, You Might Have to Die - The Dispatch

What does a uniform mean?

The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church - The Disp...

The new insurrection is being organized, in a sanctuary near you.

There Is a Secular Case for Life - The Dispatch

You don’t have to be a Christian to oppose abortion.

The Criminal Case Against Trump Is Getting Stronger - The Atlantic

Trump might clear the bar for incitement on January 6, and that’s far from his only legal risk.

David French is 'disquieted' about the death of Roe - The Christian...

With the benefit of hindsight, every Christian in America even those who agreed with David French and followed his lead can now say with a sigh of relief, Thank God the country didn t listen to David ...

What Ordinary Republicans Think About January 6 - The Atlantic

If Fox News actually aired them

A Critique of Tim Keller Reveals the Moral Devolution of the New Ch...

The time for a ‘winsome, missional, and gospel-centered’ approach has not passed.

American Leaders Made Defeat in Afghanistan Inevitable - TIME

America never fully understood its real mission in Afghanistan and that made defeat eventually inevitable.

Clarence Thomas' Tech Opinion May Signal a Free Speech Shift | Time...

″[Justice Thomas] tried to put his thumb on the scales of a political dispute and floated legislative ideas that would profoundly and negatively impact First Amendment rights.”

Why Is it So Hard to Reach the Christian Conspiracy Theorist? - The...

When fellowship is superior to facts.

Why Anger Is a Wasted Emotion | Time - TIME

A mass crisis demands a mass response, writes David French