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David Corn

Bureau Chief at Political MoJo - Mother Jones

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Media Database
David Corn

Joe Biden's Age Is an Issue. So Is How the Media Covers It. – Mother Jones - Mother Jones

This controversy has become a black hole misshaping the political cosmos.

Why Trump's Sleaziest Criminal Case Is So Important – Mother Jones ...

A porn star, hush money, alleged infidelity—this is Trump at his Trumpiest.

It Can Happen Here – Mother Jones - Mother Jones

A new project tracking creeping authoritarianism.

Trump's Back on Top. This Is Not Fine. – Mother Jones - Mother Jones

Exhaustion with the demagogue is a threat to the republic.

House Hearing Spotlights Special Counsel Robert Hur's Sleazy Assaul...

“You were not born yesterday.”

Justice Ginsburg's family decries bestowing RBG award on Elon Musk ...

The awards are being handed out by a foundation chaired by a Trump donor.

Trump Considers Adding Paul Manafort—a “Grave Counterintelligence T...

What could possibly go wrong?

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Here Are the Only Swing Voters You Need to Care About in 2024 – Mot...

One percent of the US population spread across seven states could decide this election.

It's a Good Time to Start Worrying About Christian Nationalism – Mo...

One tweet illustrates the threat.

Will RFK Jr. and Other Third-Party Candidates Help Doom Democracy? ...

It’s tough to break the partisan duopoloy without empowering spoilers.

Donald Trump and the United States of Amnesia - Mother Jones

“Are you better off now than four years ago?” is as ridiculous as it is insulting.

Why a Porn Star-Payoff Is Exactly the Right First Criminal Trial fo...

It will showcase the trashy and misogynistic world from which he emerged.

Trump's Trial Marks the Return of “Individual-1” – Mother Jones - M...

The former co-conspirator who escaped accountability is now in the dock.

Sen. Rick Scott Says He's a China Hawk. But He's Made Lots of Money...

In November, ahead of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) issued a press release casting himself as a fierce opponent of China. It declared, “Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott has introduced dozens of bills to punish Communist China for its increased military aggression, continued […]

RFK Jr. Is Even Crazier Than You Might Think – Mother Jones - Mothe...

The full depth of his battiness is getting lost in the political coverage of his presidential bid.

Trump's Obsession With Revenge: A Big Post-Verdict Danger – Mother ...

The convicted felon has long hailed retaliation as a key to his success.

The Most Under-Covered Story of 2024: Trump and Right-Wing Extremis...

And it goes far beyond Project 2025.

Here's How Biden Could Rattle Trump in Their First Debate – Mother ...

Ridicule is a good weapon to use against a bully.

Trump Was the Trump We Know. Biden Was the Biden We Feared. – Mothe...

Trump raged. Biden aged.

How RFK Jr. Falsely Denied His Connection to a Deadly Measles Outbr...

He also championed a Samoan anti-vaxxer tied to the 2019 lethal eruption that killed scores of children.

Joe Biden or Kamala Harris: Which Risk Is the Better Risk? - Mother...

There’s no perfect path for the Dems. They need to find the one with the least peril.