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Claire Cain Miller

Claire Cain Miller

Blogger at The Upshot - The New York Times

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Claire Cain Miller

The Great Disconnect: Why Voters Feel One Way About the ... - The New York Times

Americans are angry and anxious, and not just about prices, which may be driving economic sentiment more than their financial situations, economists said.

The 'Silver Lining to the Pandemic' for Working Mothers - The New Y...

The share of women working has reached a record high, with the biggest increases among mothers of children under 5.

Despite State Bans, Legal Abortions Didn't Fall Nationwide in Year ...

The first full-year census of U.S. abortion providers shows significant increases in abortion in states where it’s legal.

New SAT Data Highlights the Deep Inequality at the Heart of ... - T...

The differences in how rich and poor children are educated start very early.

Claudia Goldin's Nobel-Winning Research Shows 'Why Women Won' - The...

The winner of the Nobel in economics has demonstrated how gender gaps in work have shrunk, and why some remain.

Una tradición que resiste: las novias que toman el apellido de su ....

Las estadounidenses con menos probabilidades de hacerlo tienden a ser liberales, con un alto nivel educativo o hispanas, según muestran nuevos datos.

Los retos de la crianza actual, según un nuevo estudio - The New Yo...

Las madres y padres sienten gran presión para ser prácticos, previsivos y equilibrados en la crianza. Una nueva encuesta muestra que, a menudo, esto significa más compromiso emocional.

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School Counselors on How to Help Students Recover From Pandemic Stress

Children are behind in social skills and struggling with emotional health, counselors say. They suggest eight ways to help.

Do chance meetings at the office boost innovation? There’s no evide...

Do chance meetings at the office boost innovation? There’s no evidence of it.  The New York Times

What You Can Do Post-Vaccine, and When (Published 2020)

Particularly in the early months of vaccination, many activities should wait, experts say — and plan to keep your masks.

No, a Negative Coronavirus Test Does Not Mean You Can Safely Social...

A negative test is helpful, scientists and doctors say. But it doesn’t mean you should skip other measures, like quarantining, masking and distancing.

Why ‘Supermom’ Gets Star Billing on Résumés for Public Office - The...

Judge Barrett and Senator Harris negotiate America’s freighted expectations for women.

Biden Announces $775 Billion Plan to Help Working Parents and Careg...

In a speech in Delaware, Joseph R. Biden Jr. outlined proposals covering care for small children, older adults and family members with disabilities.

Women With a Twin Brother Are More Likely to Face Penalties at Scho...

Research shows they might act more like boys when they’re young, struggling in school, but then face sexism when they’re grown.

How to Be More Empathetic - The New York Times

Originally published on Dec. 1, 2018

Women Are Increasingly Doubtful That Voters Are Ready to Elect Them...

There are big differences among the parties, particularly among Republican men, about the obstacles women face, a survey shows.

Where Boys Outperform Girls in Math: Rich, White and Suburban ... -...

A study of 10,000 school districts shows how local norms help grow or shrink gender achievement gaps.

Turning Up the Pink Collar (Published 2018)

The Upshot’s gender reporter explains the surprising insights she gleaned from interviewing male nurses about having jobs held predominantly by women.

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do. - The ...

Traditional methods can backfire, but ideas like teaching bystanders to intervene and promoting more women have proved effective.

How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy - The New York...

Don’t focus only on teaching children how to code, researchers say. The more important things to learn include empathy, collaboration and problem-solving.

Why Women Don't See Themselves as Entrepreneurs (Published ... - Th...

Research shows that women are less likely to consider entrepreneurship, largely because they don’t see other women entrepreneurs as role models.