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Charlotte Alter

Charlotte Alter

Senior Correspondent at TIME

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Charlotte Alter

How Overturn of Roe v Wade Impacted Midterm Elections 2022 - TIME

Voters turned out to protect reproductive rights, and voted for Democrats while they were at it

How John Fetterman Beat Dr. Oz and Won Pennsylvania | Time - TIME

John Fetterman pursued an every-county strategy that ran up the margins in rural areas

The Candidates Defending the Results of the Next Election - TIME

Unassuming civil servants are on the front lines of the fight to protect America’s election system from the Trump allies out to disrupt it.

What to Read About the Fall of Roe - TIME

This is a good time to listen to those who have spent time considering what a post-Roe world will look like.

The NRA's Power Is Waning. Opposition to New Gun Laws Isn't. - TIME

The drumbeat of mass shootings and the political stalemate over guns have obscured the decline of the gun group’s power

The End of Roe Could Galvanize Democrats' Burned-Out Base - TIME

“People are tired, but they’re more outraged than they are tired.”

Kathy Hochul on Her First Month as New York's Governor - TIME

Even though she served for six years as Andrew Cuomo’s lieutenant, Hochul is in many ways an accidental governor

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Tucker Carlson Is on the 2021 TIME100 List - TIME

Find out why Tucker Carlson is on this year’s list

Why National Teachers Unions Support Vaccine Mandates But Won’t Req...

AFT and NEA are advocating for a policy of either mandatory vaccinations or regular testing.

Other Countries Have Elected Women Leaders for Decades. Why Can't A...

On TIME’s new 100 Women of the Year list, many of the influential women were heads of state of other countries.

Can Elizabeth Warren's Ground Game Lift Her to Victory in Iowa? - TIME

“Elizabeth Warren has the best ground game in the state right now. She’s been building that up for a year,”

How Millennial Leaders Will Change America | Time - TIME

One day soon, millennials will rule America

Young New Hampshire Elizabeth Warren Supporters Love That She's Sim...

Even though Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are friends and ideological allies, the two Senators are circling each other in New Hampshire

2020 Democrats Aren't Talking Much about the Rape Allegation Agains...

“Candidates jump in once it is elevated,” one staffer to a top-tier Democratic presidential candidate says.

Inside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Unlikely Rise - TIME

Ocasio-Cortez represents a vision of the Democratic Party’s future

'If She Wins': Watch the Short Documentary on 2018's First-Time Con...

Ahead of the 2018 elections, TIME embarked on a 10-day road trip to cover the historic wave of women congressional candidates

A Record Number of Women Are Running for Governor and Congress - TIME

Signs of a “pink wave” coming in November?

The Democratic Divide isn't Between Left and Center. It's Between O...

The party is caught in a tug-of-war between its old guard and its newcomers. Netroots suggested that the new faces are winning.

How Parkland Teens Are Leading the Gun Control Conversation - TIME

These students promise to vote out the old if they don’t listen to the young

A Year Ago, They Marched. Now a Record Number of Women Are Running ...

Meet the candidates

This May Have Been the Best Year for Women Since the Dawn of Time -...

But there’s a long way to go