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Catherine Clifford

Catherine Clifford

Senior Entrepreneurship Writer at CNBC Make It

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Catherine Clifford

Larry Fink: BlackRock is not the 'environmental police' - CNBC

In his annual letter, CEO Larry Fink said BlackRock’s recognition of the import of climate risk on finance does not make the company a political chess piece.

Silicon Valley Bank seizure leaves a massive hole — and a large opp...

SVB has been a go-to bank in serving the climate tech community. Now, there’s a hole to fill.

Bill Gates: Expecting people to stop eating meat or consumers to cu...

Bill Gates spoke in India about the importance of innovation in addressing issues of global inequity, including climate change.

A new nuclear reactor in the U.S. starts up. It's the first in near...

A new nuclear reactor at the Vogtle plant in Georgia started splitting atoms. Full operation will begin in May or June, Georgia Power says.

Inside the fierce debate over clean hydrogen, with $100 billion in ...

The IRS and the Treasury Department face a fierce fight over how a massive green hydrogen tax credit included in the IRA will be implemented.

Reflecting sunlight to cool the Earth must be studied before climat...

As climate change grows more obvious, citizens will increasingly demand that we do something about it. Experts say it is better to do the research now.

Why a U.S. national electric grid would be great for the climate — ...

A macro grid would decrease the cost of reducing emissions and improve the reliability of the electric grid. But it’s an almost impossible task for the U.S.

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After Mexican government cracked down on solar geoengineering, star...

The solar geoengineering startup released balloons in Nevada after having its plans to release sulfur dioxide in Mexico thwarted by the Mexican government.

Why it's so hard to build new electrical transmission lines in the ...

Building transmission lines in the U.S. is a slow process with many stakeholders, and the delays are holding back the country’s clean energy transition.

Oil and gas industry could slash methane emissions by 75% with bare...

The energy sector contributed 40% of human-generated methane emissions in 2022, second only to agriculture, a new report from the IEA says.

Bill Gates: Nuclear waste is not a reason to avoid nuclear energy -...

In a wide-ranging interview with Handelsblatt, Bill Gates said that the existence of nuclear waste should not be a reason to avoid nuclear power.