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Belinda Luscombe

Belinda Luscombe

Editor at Large at TIME

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Belinda Luscombe

Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney + Melinda French Gates Team Up - TIME

The former First Lady is teaming up with Amal Clooney and Melinda French Gates to work on gender equality

America Is Less Divided Than We Think, Says Harris Poll CEO - TIME

Will Johnson, CEO of The Harris Poll, offers suggestions for how pollsters can improve their methodology and rebuild trust with the public

Why Somalia's Drought Isn't Getting Enough Attention - TIME

Here are seven reasons why so few Americans are paying attention to the looming famine in the Horn of Africa

Daniel Pink on the Benefits of Making a Failure Résumé - TIME

We all have plenty of regrets in life but bestselling author Daniel Pink says that how we learn from those regrets is key

Controversial Investment Guru Cathie Wood Wants to Help You Trust t...

The CEO of ARK Invest talks with TIME about meme stocks, the best investment trends of 2022, and why it’s hard for some people to trust the stock market.

More Men Than Women Are Now Single. It's Not a Good Sign - TIME

Almost a third of adult single men live with a parent

Jasper Johns: "Dying While on Assignment Doesn’t Seem Like a Bad Id...

Johns, possibly America’s most famous living artist and still plying his trade at 91, spoke to TIME about two retrospective shows and whether good art can be understood.

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'Sweet Girl' and the Lessons of Father-Daughter Action Movies - TIME

The depiction of dads in recent action films arrive at a transitional time for fatherhood

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck: Therapists on Reuniting With Ex - TIME

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reignited romance has captivated pop culture obsessives. Therapists say the desire to reunite with an ex isn’t rare.

What It's Like to Be an Extrovert During the Pandemic - TIME

“I took my raging inner social butterfly and started to say hello to anyone in my vicinity.”

How Parents of Dyslexic Kids Took to Their Statehouses and Won - TIME

Why the wave of laws around this learning disability?

Review: An HBO Documentary Looks at the Good in the Foster Care Sys...

‘Foster’ shows how hard it is to replicate a family

How a good or bad marriage changes the health of your heart - TIME

Fighting with a partner is as bad for the heart as being overweight, say docs

What Marissa Mayer Teaches Us About Mothers and Leadership - TIME

It’s easy to be both—if you have the juice