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Contributing Editor at Motorcyclist

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Ari Henning

Watch Two YouTubers Recreate Dumb & Dumber’s Mini-Bike Trip to Aspen: ‘We Logged 382 Miles’

Fans Zack Courts and Ari Henning documented their time building a replica of the film’s mini-bike and riding it from Nebraska to Colorado

RevZilla Premieres New Video Series on YouTube to Continue their Ch...

RevZilla recently launched three new video series from their West Coast production studio resulting in record-breaking audience engagement.

The Definitive Guide To Motorcycle Engine Oil

Weights, esters, lubrication modifiers, they all seem pretty complex, but don’t worry as we break down everything about motorcycle engine oil.

How To Replace Your Motorcycle Clutch

If your motorcycle’s clutch is slipping or shuddering, it’s probably time to replace the clutch friction plates.

How To Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Bleeding your motorcycle brakes should be a task that you do every couple of years, more if you see the track or ride hard often.

Is A Tire Plug An Acceptable Way To Fix A Flat?

How to repair punctures in tubeless motorcycle tires (and even if they should be repaired) is a tricky subject.

Motorcycle Chain Vs. Belt Vs. Shaft—Which Drivetrain Is Best?

Your motorcycle’s final drive is important and each type, chain, belt, or shaft all have their pros and cons.

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How To Flush And Service A Motorcycle’s Radiator

Warmer weather is upon us. Help your motorcycle run its best by flushing the coolant and servicing the radiator and cooling system.

How To Permanently Repair A Flat Tubeless Motorcycle Tire

For the best results when repairing a motorcycle tire, plug or patch it from the inside.

How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

Wiping your chain with a cleaner-moistened rag works well for removing superficial grime but occasionally you should give your drive chain a deep clean.

How To Perform A Motorcycle Pre-Ride Inspection

Before you set off, you should commit to a pre-ride inspection on your motorcycle. This will reduce you being stranded or dealing with a part flying off mid-ride.

How To Wash A Motorcycle Jacket

What do you do when your favorite riding jacket gets too dirty or takes on a smell of its own?

Gasoline 101: Origin, Additives, and Octane | MC GARAGE

Do you know what Top Tier means? Or how octane ratings are determined? The answers to these questions and more in Part One of Gasoline 101.

BMW G650GS | First Ride

Vertically challenged adventure-tourers lamented the loss of the F650GS from BMW’s lineup in 2007, but the model returned two years later as the G650GS.

Tested: ROK Cargo Straps For Motorcycles

It’s a problem that’s vexed riders since the term “rider” referred to someone on horseback—how do you strap cargo to your steed?

Does how you break-in your new motorcycle engine really matter?

We rebuilt two used Honda CB300F engines with new top-end parts and broke them in differently over the course of 1,000 miles. Then we compared the results.

Tech Q&A: JIS vs. Philips Head Screws | Rider Magazine

What’s the difference between a JIS and a Philips head screw? They look almost identical. We show you how to tell the difference here.

This Battery Jump-Starts Itself, And These Turn Signals Are Blindin...

Update your electronics! This ultra-powerful Antigravity battery has a built-in jump-start feature, and these Rizoma turn signals are tight and bright.

Honda’s 2019 Super Cub Is Coming To America

Last seen in the US of A in 1974, Honda’s Super Cub is redesigned and headed to America. Vespa dealers should be very nervous

Yamaha’s Niken Three-Wheeler Is a Corner-Carving Missile

Yamaha’s Niken three wheeler is powered by the same 847cc triple as the FZ-09 and can bank over as far as a racebike. We want to ride it. Do you?

MC Tested: Trail Tech TTO Temperature Gauge

Trail Tech’s $50 TTO lets you keep tabs on your coolant to make sure your engine is keeping its cool.