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Andrew Wallenstein

Chief Media Analyst & President at Variety Online

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Andrew Wallenstein

Bearing Witness: Oct. 7 Hamas Attack Footage Raises Questions - Variety

When an L.A. screening left this writer with an unexpected reaction, he realized he had deep concerns about the “Bearing Witness” strategy.

Controversial Hamas Attack on Israel Documentary Screens in LA - Va...

An entertainment-industry crowd turned out on Wednesday for the Los Angeles premiere of “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre,” a controversial 47-minute documentary assembled by the Israeli Defense Forces. “Witness” features extremely graphic footage from the atrocities committed last month that claimed the lives of 1,400 Israelis and resulted in terrorist group Hamas taking […]

Mogul Memo: NBA Czar Risks Stars' Health for TV Deal Payday - Variety

VIP+ Analysis: Disney, Turner are in for a bidding war, but Adam Silver’s push to restore the value of NBA games could lead to more injuries

There’s More to the Concert Business Boom Than Taylor Swift, Beyonc...

When Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) teamed up with UTA IQ, the research, analytics and insights division of the UTA talent agency to conduct a consumer survey in August to understand the market forces driving the explosion in the live-music industry, they learned a lot more was at play than just the success of Taylor Swift […]

Barbie, Shmarbie: Mattel CEO’s Media Strategy Is Far More Than One ...

While “Barbie” may have been a huge opening salvo in Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz‘s plan to turn toy brands into media IP, it’s just the beginning of a versatile long-term strategy that will extend far beyond the cinema to TV and gaming for the likes of “Monster High” and “Hot Wheels.” That was Kreiz’s message […]

Allen Media Group’s Byron Allen Reaffirms His Plan to Bid $10 Billi...

Allen Media Group CEO/founder/chairman Byron Allen reaffirmed his interest Wednesday in bidding $10 billion for TV brands from Disney, citing his experience with similar assets in his own portfolio. “I think broadcast television and linear channels, I think is a great business,” he said in a Q&A at the Code conference in Laguna Niguel, Calif. […]

Mogul Memo: Second-Guessing Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz - Variety

Free VIP+ Commentary: First I was wrong about the industry vet taking a job at a toy company. Now, in the Barbie afterglow, I’m just bitter.

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Mogul Memo: Latest WGA Memo Plays Right Into AMPTP Chief's ... - Va...

VIP+ Analysis: The guild’s feckless attempt to drive a wedge between studios and streamers will only help lead negotiator Carol Lombardini.

Mogul Memo: Scooter Braun's Stars Scattered, but That's OK - Variety

VIP+ Analysis: Counterintuitive advice for how the manager can survive his PR crisis — and some tough questions on his HYBE CEO gig.

A ESPN, Verizon Partnership Could Be Tough for Telco - Variety

VIP+ Analysis: If Hans Vestberg felt the content biz was rough before, that’s nothing compared with how sports media could be in the future.

Survey: How 'Don't Worry Darling' Scandals Shaped Consumer ... - Va...

Exclusive VIP+ Analysis: Is all the tabloid chatter over Olivia Wilde’s latest feature a case study in any publicity is good publicity?