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Alejandro de la Garza

Alejandro de la Garza

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Alejandro de la Garza

NFTs Art's Hidden Environmental Cost - TIME

Critics say NFTs and other crypto-based technologies are taking a disastrous toll

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Have Come to the U.S. Will They Wor...

They’re intended as a population control tool, but some locals in the Florida Keys are furious over the project

The Empire State Building's Green Retrofit Was a Success. Will Othe...

It’s a scale of transformation that’s unprecedented, but one that we believe is vital’

Ford's New Electric F-150 Lightning Is More Than it Seems - TIME

A battery backup feature could be a big draw for electro-skeptics

These Scientists Linked June's Heat Wave to Climate Change in 9 Day...

Their work could revolutionize how we talk about the climate

Electricity Production Is Back—And So Are Its Emissions - TIME

Power plant emissions are expected to grow by 3.5% in 2021, per a new report

This Vermont Utility Is Revolutionizing its Power Grid to Fight Cli...

Will the rest of the country follow suit?

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The One Silver Lining in the Bleak IPCC Report - TIME

Climate scientists are blaming weather disasters on climate change. That could be a weapon in the fight to cut emissions

Shutting Down Old Oil Rigs Is Harder—and More Expensive—Than it Sou...

The latest California oil spill has made clear it’s time to shut down old rigs. That’s easier said than done

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Still Influencing COP26, Despite Losing T...

Though fossil fuel companies are technically barred from having a formal role at COP26, they will still impact what happens at the talks

COP26: Engineer Who Made Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck - TIME

Linda Zhang rolled out a reasonably priced electric version of America’s most popular vehicle: the Ford F-150 Lightning

Climate Crises Dominated 2021. But These Innovations Offer Some Hop...

Here, some of the year’s most important climate advances

Heat Pumps Are a Weapon in the E.U.'s Face-Off With Russia - TIME

The high efficiency heating systems have suddenly become crucial to the E.U. cutting its dependence on Russian gas

Russia's War Could Cause Environmental Disasters in Ukraine - TIME

A chemical spill or nuclear accident could be catastrophic

Matt Damon Wants You to Care About Water - TIME

For Matt Damon and Gary White, solving the world’s water crisis has been a decades-long quest

Austria's Climate Minister Is Taking European Union to Court - TIME

She says the bloc has compromised its green goals

Weather Forecasts Are Connecting Hot Days to Climate Change - TIME

Scientists have developed a new tool to make the connection clear

Lukas Graham Powers His Concerts with Batteries and Wind - TIME

“We just rolled in with these big batteries. We didn’t need the generators. It just felt so good”

How Climate Change Makes Hurricanes Like Ian Worse - TIME

The science is “overwhelming clear”

A Supreme Court Case Over Pork Could Imperil U.S. Climate Progress ...

How SCOTUS decides a case over pork welfare in California could impact the way states tackle climate and energy policy

Electric Airplanes Could Be the Future of Battery Technology - TIME

Developing lighter, more powerful lithium batteries could help make electric airplanes a reality.