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Take control and establish the #1 online source of information for anyone looking to learn more about you and your message.

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The definitive source of information about your brand

It's easy for false narratives about your brand to take off in the online world. Your newsroom can be the definitive source of your company news for journalists.


Fully customizable appearance

Tailor the look of your Online Newsroom to match your brand identity without needing any specialist IT support. Setting up a visually impressive virtual press office has never been so fast and easy.

Features our customers love

  • Social media channels integrations
  • SEO features
  • Responsive and mobile ready

Manage your clients’ content from one platform

Handling and organizing communications for multiple clients is easier when everything is available in a single resource. Just switch between accounts for simplified agency management of brand messaging.


Easy to create, easy to share

Having your domain name attached to your PR materials will give them extra visibility in search results. Everyone in PR knows that getting noticed is half the battle and using your Online Newsroom puts the world one click away from the best source of information about your brand — you.


Actionable insights

Use data from each campaign to make the next one even more effective.

Features our customers love

  • Traffic sources
  • Content performance
  • Journalists' engagement

Your entire PR workflow in one, easy-to-use tool

Create press releases

Design and create your own customized press releases, complete with photos, graphics, and multimedia elements.

Pitch the media

Be confident that your pitch will land in journalists' inboxes thanks to Prowly's high deliverability and smart suggestions.

Manage contacts

Add or update contact information, organize them into dedicated segments or lists, and easily select a tailored audience for your next campaign.

Find journalists

Search the Media Database for the journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story and add them to your media lists.

Create a newsroom

Your own dedicated online source for all news and info connected with your brand. Make it easy for journalists to find the definitive source of news about you.

Track coverage and mentions

Monitor your media coverage and see what the internet is saying about your brand. React swiftly with real-time alerts.

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