What Is Inbound PR and Why Is It Worth Your Communication Efforts?

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What is inbound PR and how can you put it into practice? I’ll discuss this topic with Iliyana Stareva, Global Partner Program Manager at HubSpot and author of the recently published book “Inbound PR. The PR Agency’s Manual to Transforming Your Business with Inbound” that will change the way you handle PR once and for all, and — even more importantly — will do a lot good for you.

The times when traditional media relations were at the core of your efforts or when you could never be 100% sure about the final direction of your publication and when you reported to your clients using such measures as AVEs are long gone. Today, in the digital era, PR people have gained control over the messages they send out to the world. They are now also able to reach their audience directly and show that an investment in PR is an investment that will pay off. And Iliyana Stareva has some advice on how to get started by skillfully combining a strictly marketing tactics that is inbound marketing with public relations. Just listen for yourself:

Or simply watch the video:

What did we discuss? We’ve talked about:

  • what inbound PR is, where it came from, and to what extent this approach to PR is actually new,
  • what differs traditional PR from inbound PR and why the former is just an ineffective “outbound-type,”
  • what drives PR pros toward marketing and why it is a good direction for them,
  • why PR people excel at content creation, yet, on the other hand — they suck at measurement, and how the inbound approach can help them,
  • how to do inbound media relations,
  • what to share with our audience if not press releases,
  • which tools to use,
  • what is the biggest challenge PR people are facing now, and
  • what happens if we fail to address this challenge.

What is inbound PR?

Iliyana has been talking and writing about inbound PR for quite a while now — she emphasized many times on her blog that this “new way of thinking about modern Public Relations” combines two strong competencies, namely “PR’s core strength in content and writing and inbound marketing’s ability to plan with numbers in mind and measure throughout the way.” Listen to our interview and — if you ever decide to implement some of the solutions Iliyana recommends — make sure to grab her book or save the date and meet us on 30 July for a webinar hosted by Iliyana as part of the Prowly Magazine Academy: “Making Inbound PR Happen”.

Making Inbound PR Happen – webinar by Iliyana Stareva from HubSpot