4 Reasons Why Your Content Needs Insights From Thought Leaders

Are you looking to create great content that’ll attract more readers to your website or blog?

One of the best ways to do this is by grabbing the attention of thought leaders or big players in your niche or industry and leverage their star power.

Most sites or blogs want to be known as the thought leaders in their fields and create content to define themselves as such, but more often than not, they add to the noise without building authority.

Thought leaders are regarded by their following, customers, their competition and the industry as authorities in their areas of expertise. They’re the go-to resource on different topics, and they’ve built recognition through the ideas they cover and how they position themselves.

Growing a loyal and sustained fan base isn’t easy, but if you work with top experts, who by the way aren’t nearly as hard as you think to get, it’s easier to get the readers streaming in.

These can be anyone from authors, bloggers with great content, great speakers on relevant topics and practitioners working inside companies.

Recent research in The State of Digital Media 2018 shows that content that shares expertise and opinions is highly valued as compelling and unique, while differentiating it before the readers’ eyes.

The competition for audience attention on digital media is fierce, so you have to make your content more engaging to them on a personal level.

What better way to do this than by adding insights from thought leaders to your content?

You’ve probably seen posts that include experts in their content, giving their readers that expert touch with opinions on a variety of topics.

These sites understand and know that experts love to give their opinions, making it a perfect way of generating free content, but also drawing in the audience.

In this post, we’re going to share a few reasons why your content needs insights from thought leaders, with tips on how to do it to grow a loyal and sustained fan base for your site or blog.

1. Readers seek entertaining and useful content

Content marketing is all about informing, entertaining and educating readers with content that’s valuable and useful to their situations.

No one wants to read a post and leave empty-handed, which is why adding insights from thought leaders injects some richness and value to your content.

A great example is posts that have titles such as “28 experts share their opinion…” and these have perceived value, plus they attract readers to the site or blog.

2. Access to great people

Thought leaders are much sought after by people wanting to learn from them and draw wisdom, insights and practical tips they can use to get to the next level.

When you present new voices or ideas into your content and to your audience, your site or blog becomes a valuable resource that they’ll want to keep visiting over and over again. Expert voices also round out your site and add dimension to it.

A good example here is YouTuber Marques Brownlee who is best known for his tech-focused videos, with a channel that has more than 9 million subscribers and over 1 billion total video views.

Marques has interviewed great tech thought leaders including Bill Gates and Elon Musk, which for his audience is a huge benefit.

They not only get to hear the insights, but also get valuable information, making them come back again and again to Marques’ YouTube channel.

3. Validation of your expertise

You’ve picked out a niche for your site or blog, and you know quite a bit about the subject and topics you write about.

Getting thought leaders besides yourself to add more insights to your content not only attracts readers and makes your site a valuable source, but it also validates your own expertise.

When you can bring on board the best in your niche or industry, your readers begin to perceive you as an expert in your own right.

For instance, Social Media Examiner attracts social media experts to share their knowledge, and the site has grown a large following since it started in 2009.

They’ve even added live video broadcasts, interviewing social media thought leaders like Chris Garrett, Jason Falls, and others, who in turn tweet their involvement to their social followers.

The site ranks as one of the top small business blogs worldwide, and the value of outside experts has proven to be a great source of content.

The experts, too, see the value of being involved in something exciting.

4. Strategic partnerships

Working with experts doesn’t go to waste. There’s some value-added not just to your readers, but also to yourself as the owner of the site or blog.

This is an often-overlooked benefit, but if you work well with thought leaders, some could, in turn, become your strategic partners and take your business to higher levels and places you’d never imagined before.

A good example is a renowned author, philanthropist and life coach Tony Robbins. He’s known for his powerful seminars, self-help books, and infomercials, plus his expertise in life planning.

Together with Dean Graziosi, a multiple New York Times bestselling author, and Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels owner, they’ve teamed up to create the KBB program, which teaches people how to profit from their own expertise.

 Image: dgachieve.com

When you consider such strategic partnerships, the benefits that each of these men, who are thought leaders in their own niches, reap are immense.

How to successfully create free content and boost traffic with insights from thought leaders

There are four ways you can successfully work with thought leaders to add valuable insights into your content:

  • Guest posts

If you have an audience that thought leaders want to be in front of, you can consider approaching them with invitations to guest post for your site or blog.

Expert guest-written posts quickly become a valued resource on your own site, whether or not the readers know the person’s name before they write on your site.

Their expert advice and guidance will speak for it and shine through on the site.

  • Book interviews

This is one of the best times to hit up thought leaders for insights because they want exposure for their books, which may have some ideas your audience may be interested in.

You can record and transcribe the interview and convert it into a video or article for your audience.

  • Trade show interviews

This is another great way of getting thought leaders’ insights on-location.

There are several experts around particular topics of interest in trade shows, and they’re often in the right frame of mind to share and interview with people.

You can supplement your interview with interesting teasers from it for your audience to snack on.

  • TV shows

This works for charismatic thought leaders who don’t mind entering real partnerships with you.

They can host a regular show, providing hot tips on their area of expertise, but make sure you create high-quality viewing experiences as this is a big commitment from the expert and yourself.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible for your audience to find facts anywhere, but, when they’re seeking expertise, they’ll come to you directly.

This is why it’s important to create a personal, authentic connection with them through unique experiences, but by also adding thought leaders’ insights other than your own.

This way, they’ll relate to your own content through your experiences, but expert insights also help them connect more than they would if you only stated facts with your own story.

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