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Steve Strauss

Steve Strauss

Senior Small Business Contributing Columnist at USA Today Online

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Media Database
Steve Strauss

Small business: A step-by-step guide to placing your company’s first paid search ad

There is a definite learning curve when it comes to placing search engine ads or pay-per click campaigns. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the key to continued business success? Finding new revenue s...

Starbucks and other great businesses know that one key to long-term business success is creating new revenue streams, or multiple profit centers.

Protecting your small business’ reputation online: 5 tips for getti...

When you get bad press or bad reviews, you essentially have two options: Ignore it or deal with it. Guess which is the better strategy?

Has your small business been asked to sponsor a team or event? 6 re...

Sponsoring an event or team doesn’t cost your small business. It pays – in the form of sales, leads, partnership opportunities and visibility.

Pandemic made online shopping bigger. But should you have a brick-a...

One of the good things about the recent economic turmoil is that the price of rent for many offices and retail shops is much lower.

Your small business needs to be on TikTok. Here’s why it can make a...

Half of Gen Z TikTok users are likely to buy something while on the app and 81% of users use TikTok to discover new products and brands.

Why podcast marketing could be the next big thing for your small bu...

Podcasting is popular and is only getting more so. It gets your name, business and brand out there and it does so in a unique and memorable way.

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Read the four best business books by sports professionals

Sports and business have much in common: Uniting around a common vision, the need for teamwork, overcoming adversity, and playing to win.

Does your brand have a great story behind it? If so, tell it.

Far too many entrepreneurs think of their venture’s practical facts and dry data, when they should be sharing a compelling story, interestingly told.

Elon Musk will ruin Twitter with this 3-point plan - USA TODAY

Want to ruin your small business? Then all you have to do is take a few pages out of Elon’s playbook.

Small Business: For success, consider a different path than your pe...

Small business owners can find success taking a different path than their peers, helping them to stand out from the crowd and open up new markets.