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Rani Molla

Rani Molla

Data Editor / Senior Data Reporter at Recode

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Rani Molla

Facebook parent Meta is doing layoffs all wrong -

But layoffs that last months are worse, as Mark Zuckerberg may soon find out.

What layoffs at Google and other tech companies mean for other indu...

The bright side to all these terrible tech layoffs.

Elon Musk’s Twitter is a case study of how not to lay people off - ...

Elon Musk’s layoffs at Twitter were a disaster. Silicon Valley, take note.

What are restaurant service fees? It depends. -

Service charges are making dining out more expensive, but that doesn’t mean your server sees that cash.

Burnout at work is getting worse, according to new data -

It’s not just you: Almost half of American office workers feel burned out at work.

Remote workers are going back to the office. The boss is working fr...

Bosses are ordering people back to the office from the comfort of their own homes.

Remote workers are feeling pressure to prove their productivity - V...

Remote workers are wasting their time proving they’re actually working

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The future of remote work, according to 6 experts -

Make the case for working remotely — but not so much that your job gets outsourced.

What Americans think about abortion, in 3 charts

Americans overwhelmingly support abortion rights, but vary on the specifics.

Starbucks and Amazon formed unions. Now they have to agree on contr...

The boring, crucial work that happens now that Starbucks and Amazon have unionized.

The Great Resignation could be good for the future of work in Ameri...

American workers have power. That won’t last forever.

Botox, billionaires, and bitcoin: 2021 in charts -

It’s okay if you can’t remember this year. We did for you.

What Google’s trending searches say about America in 2021

Wolf haircuts and Wall Street: What Americans googled this year.

Office holiday parties survived the pandemic. Yay?

Festive annual company celebrations are back and smaller than ever.

For women, remote work is a blessing and a curse

Despite stress, depression, and overwork, women still want to work from home.

Many people don’t want to work unless it’s from home

There are more remote jobs than ever. That doesn’t mean you’ll get one.

Your job saved money on electric bills during the pandemic. You did...

At least heading back to the office means cheaper electric bills.

Just because you can work from home doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to

Which jobs are heading back to the office and which can stay home varies widely.

From AI to Zoom: How the Covid-19 pandemic permanently changed remo...

From where we work to how our work is measured, office work will be permanently different after the pandemic.

Chart: More Americans are flying even as coronavirus rages -

TSA data shows Americans are flying more than last year, despite the threat of another wave of Covid-19 cases.

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is highest in those who fear side effect...

A new report highlights why different groups are hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine and what can be done about it.