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Helaine Olen

Helaine Olen

Blogger at The Plum Line - Washington Post

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Helaine Olen

Opinion | On student debt, Biden needs to remind everyone his record is a lot better than Trump’s

Ignoring questions about canceling debt distracts from the good this administration has already done for student borrowers.

Opinion | The state of our union’s health care won’t be fixed by Bi...

In his address, Biden spoke for only a few minutes about the cost of health care, but it’s something most Americans care deeply about.

Opinion | Andrew Cuomo has reemerged. But New Yorkers don’t want hi...

Voters are coming to realize they confused the former governor’s bullying ways with competent leadership.

Opinion | Personal finance tips won't help Americans truly cope wit...

Home budget tweaks aren’t going to make a real dent.

Opinion | Frustrated with the IRS? Call a Republican.

Bad service and unfair enforcement are a direct result of a dastardly, decades-long campaign to demean and defund the IRS.

Opinion | Why success couldn't save the child tax credit expansion ...

Republicans worried they couldn’t drop a measure that had lifted so many kids out of poverty. They were wrong.

Opinion | Abortion rights should be law, not a corporate perk - The...

As big companies line up to support reproductive rights, there’s less here than meets the eye.

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Opinion | The CFPB's Rohit Chopra is reforming financial services -...

Rohit Chopra is trying to level the unequal relationship between consumers and big business.

Opinion | Tech giants want to squelch a bill that could give ... - ...

Politicians have a chance to foster competition and help consumers — if they’ll just stand up to the megacompanies.

Opinion | The Supreme Court might end consumer protection as we ......

As the court hears a case threatening the bureau’s constitutionality this week, U.S. consumers stand to lose big time.

Opinion | Dave Ramsey's punitive finance advice has no place in ......

A Florida county has moved to use a book by popular finance guru Dave Ramsey. Parents, wisely, are fighting back.