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Bill Fischer

Ancient Scrolls Reveal Modern Leadership Insights - Forbes

Our quest for a better understanding of how AI will affect work in the future, gains insight from human talent enhanced by AI in a project to read ancient Roman scrolls.

Why Louis Vuitton’s Choice Of Pharrell Williams As Men’s Creative D...

It might seem crazy what I’m’bout to say, but there are so many reasons to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s choice of Pharrell Williams as its new creative director for men’s fashions. Among these are that he is an experimenter, insider-outsider, who does not mind losing control and who lives innovation.

What's Up With Disruption? - Forbes

Dismiss the likelihood of industry disruption at your own peril. Far from being just another bit of business school jargon, disruptive innovation is earning more attention than ever before, and the reason for that is that we are seeing a wider range of industries being disrupted, as never before.

Disruption Is Alive And Well, From Dairy To Hearing Aids To EVs

Disruption is alive and well and posing a considerable threat to formerly successful, incumbent market-leaders in electric vehicles, dairy products and hearing aids. Time to disrupt has sped-up, and disruption is no longer exclusively for lower-price entrants.

Leadership In An Ecosystem Age: Secrets For Success

Ecosystems have become the hottest new idea in managerial conversations. What does this really mean, and how does it differ from traditional supply chains? What role do managerial mind-sets play in such transformation? Annika Steiber, John Hagel, Marshall Meyer and Kevin Nolan discuss these topics.

A New Look For Innovation: Less Heroes, Fewer Processes - Forbes

What is needed is a shared understanding of principles that authorize a natural way for the organization to allow unscheduled innovation to happen, and a trust in the employees to make the right choices. This does not require innovation heroes, nor processes, but calls for innovation doctrines.

Is It Time To Transform Your Organization’s Culture?

Cultural change is a key component of organizational transformation. Antonio Boadas, of GEAppliances shares ten early warning signs that your culture needs rethinking.

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The Future Of Golf: Whole In One, Or Sand Trap?

Golf legend, Greg Norman, argues that “The commercial side of golf is growing, the broadcasting side of golf is growing, but golf has been stuck in the same box for [more than 50] years.” Now, he’s out to change the sport’s business model.

No Managers, More Leaders: The Leadership Legacy Of Zhang Ruimin

Early in the twenty-first century, Mr. Zhang recognized that the pace of change, and the growing complexity of the customer experience, required more leadership, not less; but that that leadership needed to be redistributed lower and broader throughout the Haier community.

From DoorDash To Huawei: Business Model Revolution

Make no mistake about it, business model innovation is everywhere, and it is profoundly changing a number of previously innovation-stagnant industries. In the age of digital, ironically, it may well be that technology loses its role as the instinctive, and even principle, corporate strategic asset.

Leadership Lessons From A Year Of Covid-19

Our recent experience with Covid-19 provides a wealth of insights into what leadership might look like in a future marked by many big unknowns. These insights offer lessons on new leadership competencies and behaviors.