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Ben Bergman

Ben Bergman

Venture Capital and Startups Correspondent at INSIDER

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Ben Bergman

Some Tech Workers Who Moved to Austin Are Having Regrets - Business Insider

Drawn by the promise of an emerging tech hub, some tech workers who flocked to Austin found a middling tech scene, subpar culture, and scorching heat.

The 30 Startups Most Likely to Be the Next Unicorns - Business Insider

TRAC, a San Francisco VC firm, agreed to reveal 30 of the startups its model identified and also pull back the curtain on its methodology.

How Upfront's Mark Suster Became the Star of LA's Startup Scene - B...

Insider spoke with more than 35 people and reviewed text messages, emails, court filings, and investment-return data to better understand Suster.

I watched Meta's 'Surviving 9/11' at SXSW and found it stomach chur...

Twitter users have been up in arms about a “Surviving 9/11: 27 Hours Under the Rubble” booth at SXSW. I wanted to see it for myself.

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