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Digital Foreign Editor at The Washington Post Online

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Anup Kaphle

Nepali men have been fighting for Britain for 200 years. One ... - The Washington Post

Austrian photographer Alex Schlacher spent much of the past three years with the Gurkhas to document the complete story in her book.

Pakistan announces a national plan to fight terrorism, says terrori...

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the days of terrorists in Pakistan are numbered.

The bridge that connects America with my Nepali homeland: Goat. - T...

In the 11 years since I moved to the United States from Nepal, feeding my obsession hasn’t been so simple.

Crossword: What in the world, this week - The Washington Post

How much do you really know about events around the world this week?

Timeline: How the Benghazi attacks played out - The Washington Post...

On Sept. 11, 2012, heavily-armed Islamic militants launched an organized attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

These dramatic images show apparent mass execution of Iraqi ... - T...

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Sunday posted gruesome photos that purported to show its members executing dozens of men in Iraq’s Salahuddin province.

Here's how Tiananmen lives on, 25 years after the bloody crackdown ...

When June 4 approaches every year, China does its best to control the narrative about Tiananmen.

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PHOTO: Pakistani woman stoned to death because she married the ... ...

A woman was stoned to death and killed by her family outside a high court in Lahore.

These are the 5 members of the Chinese military charged with cyber ...

This is the first time that the United States has brought such criminal charges against a foreign country.

The world's most renowned Sherpa talks Mt. Everest - The Washington...

Apa Sherpa, who has climbed the Everest 21 times, says the mountain should be left alone.

A closer look at the dangerous work that Everest's Sherpas ... - Th...

As a tightly-knit community mourns the loss of friends, Sherpas question whether climbing a mountain they consider holy for money is worth the risks.

11 powerful photos from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide - The...

A week after killings began, Washington Post photographer went to the border between Rwanda and Tanzania.

Here are the military leaders who have ruled Egypt since it became ...

Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, who is almost certain to win the presidency, will become the sixth military man to lead Egypt.

In this Nepali village, almost every family has a son or a daughter...

A growing number of Nepali young men and women are leaving their homes in hopes of finding better jobs.

These photographs show the dramatic standoff at Belbek air base in ...

Russian forces used armored vehicles to break into the Ukranian air base.

Chinese tourists' bad manners harming country's reputation, says .....

A vice premiere says Chinese tourists are hurting the country’s image.

Who's who in Bashar al-Assad's inner circle? - The Washington Post

Here are are key people who are close to Bashar al-Assad you should know about.

An interview with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina - The Wa...

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke to The Washington Post about her country’s efforts to deal with poverty, climate change and terrorism.

Cricket: The (real) game with a bat and a ball - The Washington Post

Baseball is not the biggest sport played with a bat and a ball.