Brand Journal

Easily set up a Brand Newsroom in 15 mins

Settings - 5 mins

Choose a web address and define SEO parameters

Design - 5 mins

Personalize your brand newsroom to match your corporate identity

Integrations - 5 mins

Add your social media, video and blogging channels

Ready to Go!

Now you are ready to start filling it with your stories and press kits

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Create a newsroom style responsive web source with all your stories in it. Whether you use it as a brand newsroom, blog, brand magazine or any other content publishing platform, it's a real-time interactive journal with all the relevant information about your brand in one place.

What You Get

Easy and Fast Setup

15 minute hassle-free setup - no dev guys required!

All Your Stories in One Place

Publish your stories, streamline your brand’s activities from external channels and change your newsroom into a living communication hub.

Same Visual Experience on All Devices

Your Brand Journal looks and feels great on any device, making sure it’s the same experience regardless of where you access it from.

New Leads With Your Newsroom

Generate leads by newsletter subscriptions. Make the new readers of your Brand Journal stick around longer and keep coming back for more.

Special Perks for Your VIPS

If you have a VIP audience, you can set up a special zone for them to see exclusive content.

All Press Materials In One Place

Upload pictures, presentations, PDFs, documents, create image galleries and keep them directly in your Press Kit.

Improved Visibility

Thanks to SEO management features, you can easily define the main criteria of your Brand Journal visibility in search results.

Only Your Branding

You can host your Brand Journal on our Prowly address ( or redirect to your own (like

Custom Integrations

Make sure you are performing well. Now, you can simply integrate different tools for advanced lead generation (Addthis or Sumome) with your Brand Journal. All with a single click.

PREMIUM Custom Design

Do you want to have a custom designed brand newsroom and other Prowly features together in one platform? Let us know and we will get it done.

Did you know that...

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement READ MORE

Create Your Brand Newsroom Today!

Starting at $15 per brand journal

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Prowly uses cookies to make your experience better.