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Send Out Data-Driven PR Pitches

Media Database

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Pitch them by email

Behavior Analytics

Track results

Custom Segments

Keep the most engaged audience handy

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Got a story? Easily manage your contacts to get it to the right audience and send away. Then check what’s most effective with A/B tests and extended analytics on your audience’s behaviors.

What You Get

All Media Contact at Your Team's Fingertips

Tags, groups, notes, Tweets and coverage for every media contact - managing database as a team has never been easier.

Media Database With Serious Insights

Besides basic options for grouping your media contacts, you can also create custom segments based on how they’ve interacted with your content. This way, you know who your most engaged journalists are when planning your future press releases.

Personalized E-mail Pitches

No more mailing mishaps. Prowly lets you create personalized (no HTML!) email campaigns and send them out with a single click.

Testing Your Messages

Use A/B testing while preparing email pitches to check what message title or call to action works best.

No More Early Morning Alarms to Pitch

Thanks to the scheduling feature you can plan all your future PR campaigns.

No More Asking If They Have Read Your Emails

Thanks to behavior analytics you just know it right after they've opened the message.

Better Workflow

Improve the workflow of your PR team with task management. Now it’s clear who should follow up journalists after pitching them and when

Take Your PR Pitching Game to The Next Level

Starting at 15$ per user

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Prowly uses cookies to make your experience better.