We are a group of software designers and communications lovers.

Our product team consists of developers who understand the needs of communications nowadays, and this, in turn, results in easy to learn and useful solutions for people in the comms industry.

Meet the Team

Joanna Drabent


CEO & Co-founder
A wicked PR pro with years of experience on both sides of the business – the agency and the client. Knows the business inside out: before co-founding Prowly, she created and managed her own PR firm. Her plan is to create the best PR SaaS in the world – and she’s well on the way.
Sebastian Przyborowski


VP of Product & Co-founder
The brain of the project: product lead – developer, an awesome front-end engineer, and a great UX Designer. A tech-savvy, art-loving renaissance man, Sebastian combines both of these passions at Prowly, developing a product designed to revolutionize modern communications.
Adrian Powierża


Ruby Developer
The Kid. Adrian has been learning the tricky business of coding under the watchful eye of Sebastian. Being really talented, he’s made impressive strides in the past year. Apart from coding, he’s really into coding. And then coding some more. Trust us – this kid is going places.
Wojciech Dwojacki


European Sales Manager
Specializing in SaaS products. An experienced speaker, 100% talker. Finds sales opportunities that match businesses’ needs. Privately, a pro boxing fan.
Krzysztof Kulikowski


Frontend Developer
He’s been working in IT for 7 years. Early on, he worked as a help desk and played around with PHP. In his spare time, he used to conduct trainings for IT companies. Recently, he switched from PHP to Ruby on Rails – we did that!
Rafał Sałak


Communication Lead
“That guy from PR” specializing in the new tech sector. Skilled in digital PR, from online communication management to implementation and use of analysis/measurement tools. Runs all communications at Prowly. His agency background includes 3 years at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where he worked for clients like Facebook or Spotify. Into all things digital but also a dog lover. An experienced historical reenactor & sword fighter.
Marta Olczak


Lead Designer
A lover of typography. Responsible for our design and illustration – as evident on this site. She’s also a passionate UX designer that’s always hungry for new knowledge.
Kamil Skrzypiński


Software Developer
A full-stack developer, with the primary focus on web & mobile app development. At Prowly, Kamil is responsible for developing back-end applications. He supports the team by recommending proper technology solutions based on platform requirements. Eager to share his valuable knowledge whenever he can.
Edyta Kowal


Content Lead
Edyta is the editor of our branded Prowly Magazine – as well as our e-books. Previously the chief editor of the biggest Polish PR site, her thought provoking articles inspire communication pros from all around the globe. Personally, she’s a lover of powerful four-wheel vehicles.
Marta Matros


Junior Frontend Developer
A computer science student and Internet addict. Always online. Enthusiastic volunteer and organizer of local programming events and workshops. In her free time, she watches space rockets landings, takes photos or makes jewelry.
Robert Kołak


International Growth Specialist
A person of many talents, not scared of being challenged in personal or professional life. In Prowly responsible for European sales activity, but he doesn’t care about the borders. Privately, traveler in backpacker’s way of doing it. Hitchhiker and biker. He never parts with his Kindle and Android phone.
Piotr Herstowski


International Growth Specialist
Finds sales the greatest opportunity for developing communication skills and meeting new people. Growth addict – taking multiple courses at the same time, hates to waste time, so always keeps his hands busy with some new initiative as he loves to explore. At home, while not occupied with practising new skills, enjoys online gaming from chess, through shooters to real time strategy games.
Aleksandra Wizgo


Customer Success
Aleksandra takes care of our users with Olga. She also helps our product team with bugs as a quality assurance tester. Privately, cultural studies student who loves russian culture and guinea pigs.
Karolina Rafalo


Growth Hacker
Law graduate who decided to change her path, currently a Growth Hacker at Prowly. Eager learner, likes when there’s a lot going on. She’s responsible for creating content, growing sales and keeping up of everyday tasks.Travel lover, used to live in Australia where she fell in love with koalas. In her free time she enjoys biking around the city and solving puzzles.
Kaya Kwasniewska


Leads Growth in the US
She is an entrepreneur and international business consultant with over 9 years of experience in collaborating with CEOs to deliver strategic recommendations that improve company’s effectiveness and growth. Her area of specialization is creation and execution of company’s market fit and growth strategies to the US market. Marketing and sales expert.
Kasia Chrobak


Marketing & Sales Team
Mom of two and former childcare worker, curentlly in the middle of a career change. At Prowly doing her best to find new leads and learning from the dream team.