Why Do You Need a Brand Journal

Recently we introduced brand journals into our application. A brand journal enables a user to integrate a brand’s communication in one place and all within a few minutes. We produced them in response to our client requests and examining market requirements, as the problem was that there was no simple solution available.

The brand journal is an original solution. It is a press office and a hub which integrates content created and distributed across multiple channels including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and RSS feeds. The brand journal is simple yet has a strong visual impact, take a look a live example from Spotify.

Integrate your brand with journalists, influencers and your fans, the integration of a brand’s communication in one place has two of advantages.

Make a journalist’s life easier, with the brand journal research and looking through many channels to familiarize yourself with brand’s character and history is simply easier. You show them the way your brand is communicating with different groups of your audience. As a result, journalists will understand the complete story of the brand, a picture which you cannot deliver via a press communicate.

Take advantage of different social media channels’ integration is an opportunity to give your most devoted fans that one place where they can consume all the content you serve to them. Brand journal can be integrated with your Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, Instagram, YouTube channel, blog and every page with RSS (Slideshare and Pinterest).

The idea behind brand journals goes beyond the standard thinking around PR as media relations only. It creates a platform to integrate a whole brand’s communications in a single location.

The Brand Journal will enable you to deliver media engagement and build brand stories.

It is important to remember that over 70% of your prospects want interesting content bring them closer to a brand and that 80% prefer to familiarize themselves with a brand by an article instead of an ad.

As the brand journal integrates all channels in one place

it is a tool to audit and access your communications effectiveness. A brand manager will be able to examine from a simple interface if your brand communication is consistent, the impact of content over different channels, is your campaign effective within the targeted

Increasing visibility; in the digital era, PR pros have to be aware on many levels and create press releases not just for both printed and Internet media they need to ensure that the SEO is aligned to get the maximum. Surprisingly only 14% of PR pros optimize their releases for search engines, this is a huge mistake, SEO is not only a way to increase the reach among clients, but better positioning on search engines will mean that prospects are more likely to come to your brand while researching. Your brand journal paired up with SEO can become the integral part of not only public relations, but also of content marketing. You can easily optimize it for search engines and link up with Google Analytics allowing you to measure the effects and optimize as necessary.

Brand journal is a time saver. It synchronizes itself automatically every time you send a press release. You don’t have to do it manually ensuring that your press office is always up to date.

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