Top Ten Articles in 2016

Enjoying the holiday break? Looking for something to read while waiting for 2017 to come? We’ve got you covered – here’s a list of the most popular posts on our blog in 2016.

10. 33 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Blogs can be a fantastic source of knowledge. These 33 blogs will help you master your content marketing performance. We’ve divided them into 5 categories: 1. Content Marketing & Strategy, 2. Marketing Technology, 3. Social Media Content Marketing, 4. Analysts & Research and 5. SEO. Enjoy!

9. The Power of Emotion in Your Content

“Marketing isn’t rocket science, it is neuroscience. That’s why you should leverage emotions in your content.” – Edyta, our Content Manager, looks into the role emotions play in content marketing & PR.

8. 35 Twitter Accounts Every PR Pro Needs to Follow

For many, Twitter is one of the most effective communication channels. Never miss out on industry news, trends and announcements. Just make sure you follow these 35 Twitter accounts.

7. What Is Modern Public Relations? 15 Definitions From Experienced PR Practitioners

What is PR? Does it change as the IT revolution happens? How do professional communicators see their roles in the modern world? Read comments from Porter Novelli London, Clearbox, H+K Strategies, MSLGroup, Ketchum & more!

6. How to Write an Effective Press Release? Journalists Answer

A press release is still one of the most basic tools of PR. Make it original, engaging and valuable for your media contacts, or get ready to have no coverage at all.  How to write a press release that rocks? Danielle Capriato, Seth Arenstein, Marta Bellon and others will tell you.

5. Adapt Your Social Strategy: New Instagram Stories & Twitter Moments

Sam Hurley, a digital marketing animal, digs into Instagram Stories and Twitter Moments. Find out his priceless tips on how to improve your social media strategy with these two products.

4. 10 Best Growth Hacking Tools to Watch for in 2017

Pavan Belagatti A.K.A. Growth Hacky shares his list of tools that’ll boost your growth in 2017. Haven’t heard of Start a Fire and SpyFu yet? Check this out.

3. Tell a Credible Story with SEO. Free SEO & PR E-book to Improve Your Online PR Efficiency

When building an online newsroom, it’s crucial to craft it with SEO in mind. A properly configured newsroom engages readers and drives traffic to your websites. We’ve prepared a free e-book that provides a list of top tools, copywriting tips and a step-by-step SEO Brand Journal guide.

2. How to Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing Efforts

16 content marketing experts and two simple questions. How do you measure the success of content marketing? What software (if any) do you use? Inspired by Ragan’s #ContentChat.

1. Trends That Will Shape Comms In 2017

Our most popular story this year had over 13 000 views in just two months. I’m sure it’s definitely worth bookmarking!

We’ve asked 22 PR & marketing experts to share their predictions for how the world of communication is going to change in 2017. Clare Lane points out to Snapchat becoming a leading communication platform. Tim Harrison focuses on the importance of emotion and truth… Curious what’s next? Click to find out.

All the best in 2017!

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