Top 5 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2018

If you consider yourself a good marketer, you are certainly aware that social media is one of the most important and result-bringing ways to broaden your horizons, connect with your niche costumers, and expand your business. But, if you know all that, you are also certain that social media goes through changes all the time and given the fact that this is a constant state, you have to make sure you’re up to date with all of the developments taking place. Keeping you updated is the reason why I’ve created this list [Here you can read more about social media, buzz marketing and PR tools, that you can use]:

Instagram Stories

Even though Snapchat was the first to come up with this concept of sharing small segments of your or your brand’s days, Instagram and Facebook, later on, managed to capitalize on that idea as well. Due to its bigger user base, it was not a shocking thing for Instagram’s Stories option to surpass Snapchat’s success with the same thing by no less than 20 million views per day this previous year. This in itself means that brands attempting to become a community with their customers on Instagram have made Instagram’s Stories a priority.

There is no denying that the Instagram Stories option is a magnificent way to show the brand’s vibe and dedication and analogically further the connection with the customer base.

The Stories are a joy to use and almost addictive to the viewers, with the possibilities to tag, put filters, and even conduct research through polls. Brands can also see the number of viewers/customers watching their stories and make further analysis based on firm customer pools.

It is worth mentioning that any account with 10,000 followers or above can as well put links to their stories, which is a major advantage for brands that wish to market new products and get Instagram followers.

Social Media Influencers & Micro-Influencers

Until recently, the quickest and easiest public relations strategy was paying a celebrity to promote and be the face of your brand or one segment of your product line. However, the price for that could leave your brand broke. This is why today, the more reasonable solution is to hire smaller and thus cheaper influencers to endorse your product.

The so-called micro-influencers can also be famous and have a dedicated follower base of thousands or even millions accompanying their every step and mimicking their every move. Statistics say that they deliver 11 times the ROI compared to traditional digital marketing, and 49% of people say that they are dependent on influencers to guide them through their purchases. This is the prime reason the bulk of these influencers earn no less than six-figure incomes, and all from promoting brands to their enormous following count.[How influencers can help you build a community around your brand]

Statistics also say that 90% of marketers are keener to implement an influencer marketing strategy because they see it as more profitable. Back in 2017, brands had difficulties connecting with their audiences with the usual advertising habits, so stay alert to see how influencers win the marketing game this year even more.

Additionally, if you are on an even smaller budget, make sure to start organically and go from there.

How to build relationships with influencers

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Even though augmented reality’s first reach will be on mobile gaming, we can say almost with certainty that social media platforms will spot additional ways to take advantage of the new technology too.

Snapchat has jumped on board instantly, in collaboration with Bitmoji, to bring users the possibility to project animated versions of themselves into the reality, doing plenty of random activities. You certainly have heard of Pokémon GO, which has brought players the possibility to catch their favorite Pokémon in the real world.

Using AR in your marketing plans can take a big chunk of your brand’s time and money, however, it is expected that a more applicable solution to AR customization is on its way out and via social media. For instance, Facebook has been working on a project named Spaces that is made so that you and your friends can connect to VR. Facebook intends to release Spaces this year and when they do, it is possibly going to be the first VR social media thing available, so stay tuned for that.

More Live Streaming is coming

Even though Facebook Live and different live streaming options have been available for quite some time now, the manner people and brands are and will be using them is altering. In 2018, expect to see how the organic reach of brands that hack the art of live streaming grows extremely rapidly. This year, more brands will start to use the concept of live streaming and will include it in their marketing plans for sure. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn even, these are additional social platforms to come and take a bit of the live stream spotlight for themselves and for your brand.

Online Hangouts Become the Norm

I’d like to conclude with the importance of live hangouts. They are becoming the optimal cross-cutting cleavages between the live streaming trend and these generations’ consumerist habits. House party, for instance, is a free app where you have the possibility to have a live video chat with numerous people that went through quick growth this previous year and is beginning to grab even more attention.