Top 10 Podcasts All PR Pros Definitely Need to Hear informs that almost a quarter of Americans aged 12+ say they listened to a podcast in the past month, up from 21 percent the previous year, according to the 2016 Infinite Dial study from Edison Research. In addition, podcast listeners heard an average of five podcasts per week. But how to choose the right one to boost your PR knowledge and always stay in the loop with the latest news and updates from the industry?

Check out the list of top podcasts below. I’m pretty sure you will want to subscribe to some of them right away.

  1. The Future of PR: #FuturePRoof podcast — by Stephen Waddington and Sarah Hall

Have you heard about the #FuturePRoof project? Sarah Hall’s #FuturePRoof project has brought together 30+ thinkers and doers in an uplifting study of the future of public relations. What are the outcomes? As our dear friend Stephen Waddington rightly pointed out on his blog: “Public relations is an anxious, insecure and self-critical profession. A new project created by Sarah Hall sets out a manifesto for change. Organisations are the sum of their relationships and every aspect of the arts, commerce, society and politics is social. (…) #FuturePRoof is an ambitious project. Its purpose is to explore the opportunity for public relations right now and in the next ten years.”

So, how’s it going to be? Put on your headphones and, in your spare moment, make sure to grab the paper version of #FuturePRoof (you’ve already missed two editions, just saying…).


  1. Ann Handley on Content Marketing — by Intercom

Today’s PR is far distant from that practiced in times when we used to fax our press releases [check out these 15 definitions of modern PR]. Currently, a sizable amount of communication activities focus on content. And if I was to recommend a podcast on this subject, I’d definitely mention Intercom’s interview with Ann Handley, Chief Content Marketing Officer at MarketingProfs, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, keynote speaker, and the world’s first Chief Content Officer. Most recently, #CMWorld has hailed her as the most influential and engaging expert.


  1. Social Media in Your Business — by InsidePR and Jason Keath

Let me start by saying that InsidePR is a weekly series of social media and public relations podcasts hosted by three PR veterans: Gini DietrichJoseph ThornleyMartin Waxman. You simply have to sign up.

One of their recent guests was Jason Keath, the CEO of Social Fresh. Jason has just released his latest report, The Future of Social Media, in the making of which he involved over 500 social media managers and executives. Gini Dietrich interviewed Jason about the report and the lessons we can take from it. Among many highlights, check out this quote which is definitely worth remembering:

“Businesses listing awareness as one of their top two social media goals for me, is definitely a problem. Social media must connect with existing audience; your customers and strongest leads. Your strongest leads will then become your biggest fans and stakeholders. Then if you have resources you should try and build awareness.”


  1. Creativity Series: The New Media Landscape & Fake News — by The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber is an entire library of podcasts on global PR. It comprises interviews, analyses, studies, as well as a weekly show hosted by Arun Sudhaman and Aarti Shah. Their most recent addition to the list is a new podcast which is part of the “Creativity” series. It’s about communication in the fake news era.

The Holmes Report has partnered with Ogilvy to create a multi-part series that tackles the subject of creativity in PR from different angles. The second part looks closer at the findings of Ogilvy’s 4th annual Ogilvy Media Influence Survey together with Jen Risi, the agency’s chief communications officer. The most notable highlights are that Facebook functions now as the protector of news and that the threat of fake news has influenced traditional methods of reporting.


  1. How to Boost Your Professional PR Reputation — by Pitching PR

On this episode of Pitching PR, Lesley Luce gets the opportunity to speak with Crosby Noricks, the founder and director of PR Couture. They discuss ways in which PR professionals can boost their reputation. Specifically, they talk about branding and raising your profile by applying to PR awards.


  1. How to Find (or be) a Valuable Mentor: Claire Diaz-Ortiz — by Marketing Smarts

Podcasts by Marketing Smarts definitely stand out from the crowd thanks to their host, Kerry Gorgone. Her in-depth interviews are simply mind-blowing. In this particular episode, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, co-author of One Minute Mentoring (written with Ken Blanchard), explains how mentoring benefits both the mentor and the protégé, how to find a mentor, how to know when it’s the right match, and more.


Make sure to browse through the rest of them! The whole library is available here.

  1. Keep Yourself in the Loop With the Latest News and Updates From the Industry – by For Immediate Release & Shel Holtz

If you ever feel like you’ve been bending over backwards to do your job right but you’re still getting the impression that you’re missing something really important taking place in the industry, this podcast is for you. Industry news and juicy interviews served in the form of weekly summaries in the area of digital PR and social media. Thematic panels with top industry experts are hosted by Shel Holtz. Each episode provides a rich analysis of recent news and discussions on popular topics.

Here are some episodes you might find particularly interesting:

The Short Week – Productivity in Less Time

The Equifax Disaster and PR Pitching Tactics

  1. Communication & Technology – by Marketing over Coffee

Described as being “at the intersection of marketing and technology,” Marketing Over Coffee is a beautifully relaxed podcast that looks at marketing-related stories and some traditional and contemporary marketing tactics. Christopher Penn and John Wall, in a conversational style, discuss the latest marketing news, zooming in on stuff like analytics and data-centric hacks. When it comes to marketing analytics, Penn is one of the best out there, with Wall being one of the most competent reporters around. Together, they make this show both entertaining and informative, as they make up the perfect duo for any marketing geek.

Just sit back, play the following two interviews and see for yourself:

Talking Branding with Debbie Millman

Sonic Branding, Cannabis and A Place Beyond the Sky!

  1. PR Measurement: There’s No Such Thing as Intangibles – by Hacks and Flacks

PR can be measured. And I’m not talking about AVEs here. [Gini Dietrich makes it clear why you should forget about AVEs in her piece. And if you want to learn about some modern models for PR measurement, skip half-ass measures and download our e-book instead!].

What I wanted to do now, however, is to recommend the Hacks and Flacks podcast with Katie Delahaye Paine, also known as The Measurement Queen, who has spent many years helping businesses and PR pros fearlessly and confidently put hard numbers behind their communications campaigns. Katie explains how to create a culture of measurement within a PR agency or internal marketing department, and also shares her perspective on the tech businesses use to monitor and measure their work.


  1. The Ins-And-Outs of Podcasting  — by Brand24 Talks

Finally, if you’re creating podcasts on your own and you’re longing to get the most of them for your brand, take some time, grab a pencil and a notepad, and listen to this:


My friend from Brand24, Magda Urbaniak, is asking how to create your own podcast from scratch, save time, and gain listeners. And her guest, Yann Ilunga, breaks it into parts to meticulously examine each and every one of them.