The Ultimate PR Automation Toolkit

Automation, it’s everywhere. Everyone’s talking about automating stuff. Marketing emails, sales follow-ups, code deployment, groceries delivery — the increasing speed of life inevitably pushes us to search for new ways to get things done faster.

If you’re a PR professional, you definitely have automated something, maybe even today or this week? Did that automated process make your life easier? I’m almost sure that it did — why else would you bother setting it up. 

Now, stop for a second, and think what have you done this week at your job that wasn’t automated? That you had to do manually and it took lots of time. Perhaps, you had to send many emails? Or enter the data into a spreadsheet? Or google tons of facts and collect info? 

Wish you could automate all of that stuff, eh? If yes, then keep on reading, as we’re going to review the six tools you might use to automate most of your work. And no, don’t worry, these tools won’t really replace you at your job — they’ll just give you the superpowers you never knew existed.

Outbound Versus Inbound 

Before we dig deep into the tools and processes, it’s important to talk about how outbound PR is different to inbound PR. 

Outbound PR basically means that you’re going out there building relationships with people. Inbound, on the other hand, is all about creating incentives for others to get in touch with you.

It’s impossible to say which one is better or easier to automate, as it all depends on your industry, goals and relationships you want to build or nurture.    

Paperform: Collect Data And Automate Processes

Paperform is a versatile online tool that allows you to build online forms and pages. It might become irreplaceable in your toolkit since it allows you to automate one of the most mundane public relations tasks — collecting data. 

With Paperform you can build contact forms, event registration landing pages, surveys — whatever you need done — capture the information, and then automatically push it into Google Sheets or other apps.

Hubspot: All-In-One Marketing Automation

Hubspot has a whole range of automation products, both for inbound and outbound. You might use Hubspot’s free CRM system to keep track of all your relationships, automate engagement like sending newsletters with their marketing automation system and even schedule cold-email sequences.

Be aware though that the full access to Hubspot’s system comes with a hefty price tag.   

Prowly: PR CRM & Media Database 

If you need a tool to automate all the communications with media and journalists — Prowly might be a great choice. It’s a comprehensive all-in-one system built by and for public relations professionals and tailored to help them get more done faster. Plus, you can get a free 7-day trial.

Buzzsumo: Influencer Marketing & Content Discovery Automation

Buzzsumo might be one of the most powerful tools in your PR toolkit. First of all, it’s a state-of-the-art influencer marketing platform. With Buzzsumo, you can automatically parse the web and identify influential individuals — then reach out to them with customized emails in a few clicks. 

Another Buzzsumo’s amazing feature is content discovery. It might save you hours of googling and research — all the most relevant content in the industry is just a few clicks away. 

Mailshake: Cold Outreach Works, See For Yourself

Do you believe in the power of cold emails? Not the spammy ones, but the personalized, relevant, smart cold emails that actually feel warm.

Mailshake is a reliable and powerful platform that helps you succeed with your outbound PR efforts. It’s really simple to use and integrate with other apps. 

And if you want to level up your skills and knowledge, Mailshake team have created the Cold Email Masterclass series.    

Zapier: Gluing It All Together

Zapier is all about automation. Using Zapier you can connect any apps in their network between each other without any code. Actually, any of the above-mentioned tools can be interconnected. 

Equipped with the above five tools, a PR professional can automate most of the routine processes — and focus on the truly important things and tasks.