Beth Brett: We Are Storytellers Able to Implement All Facets of Communications


I truly fell into the communications field. Tennis has been a life thread and I was at the U.S. Open when I ran into a high school tennis teammate, who was working at Serino Coyne, a top advertising agency based in NYC with an arts-centric PR division. She introduced me to the company’s president and the rest is history. PR combines my extrovert personality with my love for writing, affording me the perfect balance!

#once upon a time

As a young girl, I remember when my father, a Vietnam war veteran, showed me images he took with his pinpoint camera on the battlefields of ‘Nam. Those poignant pictures stayed with me and I later wrote my senior thesis at Princeton on War Photography: A Deadly Political Weapon. My paper chronicled the impact images had on causing civil unrest on the homefront from Timothy O’Sullivan’s Harvest of Death taken during the Civil War to Eddie Adams’ shocking Pulitzer Prize winning Saigon Execution. While writing my thesis, I realized the power of communications—especially through deliberate use of images—to change the course of history.

#nailed it

One of the most interesting and successful PR campaigns under our company, Blink Creative Group was the recent reopening of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House following a lengthy restoration. My business partner, Emma Haber, and I were excited to be involved as it’s a truly iconic house, which spurred the modernist movement internationally and is now up for UNESCO designation. To kick things off, we implemented an Instagrammers preview event, which led to the “new look” going viral in a matter of seconds! We then hosted an incredible ribbon-cutting event with the City’s Mayor and top media followed by a 24-hour opening where guests even showed up in their PJs. Since it was hosted over Valentine’s weekend, we had fun challenging park visitors to propose to their loved ones at this romantic destination! Overall, we were able to secure over 800 pieces of press internationally.

Additionally, I had fun one year with a PR campaign for Princeton Reunions where my Class set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Gathering of People Wearing a Tennis Outfit.” After achieving this feat, I reached out to major sports publications including Sports Illustrated, which chronicled our achievement.


Reese’s tree controversy of 2015 was pretty epic. I loved how they turned the controversy on its head and worked the accusations that their holiday sweets didn’t look like trees to their advantage. Their response was an instant classic! #alltreesarebeautiful


Being an Aquarius, that goes without saying! It’s the star sign of visionaries. Aquarians deviate from the crowd and go their own way. As J. R. R. Tolkien so aptly put it, “Not all who wander are lost.”

I perceive creativity as originality of ideas, unconventionality and intellectual independence. In my work, I use it to create authentic campaigns that breathe new life into brands.

Creativity is an important part of our business. Beyond publicists, we see ourselves as strategic storytellers who are able to implement all facets of communications from the branding and creative marketing to PR and events.


Innovation is all about crafting new strategies and ideas. To be “heard” in the crowded landscape of PR, you need to be an innovator.


NextDoor, a hyper local app that combines FB and Craigslist
Elevate, a brainteaser app that helps with memory retention, a must in PR
DirecTV, stream and set recordings to capture my PR hits when I’m out at meetings.
SpeedTest, tests our Internet speed and keeps a record of our tests
Mint, which keeps all our finances in one place


Tennis has always been a huge part of my life. Sports are fabulous for networking. As the saying goes, “Sound body, sound mind.” I even met my husband playing tennis and both sets of our parents met on court. If I ever write a memoir, I’d title it, “Tennis Courting.” The combination of mental and physical is great for life balance and has taught me self-discipline, focus, the importance of time management and teamwork, all of which come into play while running my own boutique lifestyle communications firm with my business partner, Emma Haber.


Wearable tech is growing by the minute, health monitoring, counting steps, diet and nutrition, etc. For example, Ralph Lauren came out with the new $295 biometric workout shirt is the ultimate in preppy tech. It was first debuted at the U.S. Open on ball boys and is quite the statement piece! Cars will be easier to integrate with iPhones and Androids including more Bluetooth functionality, which is great for gabbing PR mavens like myself.


Beth Brett and her business partner, Emma Haber, are the co-founders and principals of Blink Creative Group, a full-service communications enterprise with a focus on lifestyle brands. From conception to completion, they know how to execute successful media & marketing campaigns on a national and international level. Their clients come to them for thoughtful and thought-provoking brand experiences, which help them build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their consumers. They are instigators and innovators with expertise in public relations, branding, marketing, social media services and events. As industry veterans, working with world-renowned brands, they offer authentic and unparalleled communications solutions.