#PRpeople Matylda Setlak: Business Means Not Only Branding, but Also an Ability to Provide Value


At the beginning, I was fascinated with journalism and had a flair for interviewing, but because I needed better earnings and a sense of security, I promptly retrained to be a PR specialist. I graduated from the Communication Faculty at the Jagiellonian University. I love diversity, working with people and managing projects, so PR has always appealed to me in every sense of the word. In Poland, I worked in my field, but then I decided to go to the UK. A few months after arriving, I set up my own agency, as I wanted to satisfy my professional ambitions. Thanks to sheer determination and meticulousness, I quickly attracted my first clients.

#once upon a time

The best campaigns, I would say, were those carried out for British government departments. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal more details.


I was really taken with the campaign of the Polish BOHOBOCO brand. They engaged Helena Norowicz, a remarkably beautiful actress, who was 81 at the time. That was a real breath of fresh air, which, without a doubt, resulted in many media publications that were positive for the brand, as well as in attracting new clients. The campaign was innovative; it greatly corresponded with a trend that has become quite common recently – the broadening of the definition of beauty. It unquestionably evoked warm feelings in clients of all ages. Moreover, I suppose, it significantly increased the number of people buying the brand’s clothes.


I think I am a very creative person as I can solve problems swiftly and in an unconventional way. Inspiration comes to me during conversations with people from all walks of life, not just those working in the agency. I make a concerted effort to gather as much knowledge as I can about marketing comms, and I am stimulated by the inventiveness of others. In order to generate quality, you must first immerse yourself in it and be consistent.


Tony Robbins said that “business means innovation and marketing.”  I recently came across a definition that suggested that business means not only branding, but also an ability to provide value consistently and the capability of constantly presenting this value in a credible way. I like this definition. Innovation, on the other hand, is for me an ability to look at old things in a new way, and in turn, generate an even greater value.


Paymo – time management application
Basecamp – projects management application
Kashflow – accounting application
Kindle – a device for reading books


As a (proud) mum of four and a half year old Max and nineteen months old Gabriella, outside of work my focus is on them. If I have some free time, I read books about personal development, business or communication, as well as fiction. I also have a physical exercise regime and, just recently, have taken to cooking very healthy meals. I have not found the secret of combining one with the other yet, but I will share it with you once I know. For sure, it warrants saying “no” to clients, subcontractors, or even staff when they encroach too far over the border of precious ‘down-time.’


More intensive use of video content. International brands are now starting to publish videos as an alternative to graphics or text on Facebook.

Also, brands will show a greater interest in social issues.