10 Steps to Getting Started with IGTV Marketing on Instagram

The IGTV format is still a fairly new thing for many marketers even though IGTV video has been around for a while. Yet, the so-called Instagram IGTV feature is quickly becoming one of the most important features of any Instagram social media marketing campaign.

To better understand how to use Instagram TV, what IGTV video length you should use, and other valuable details, here’s everything you need to know to start using IGTV for marketing on Instagram.

1. Set Up Your IGTV Channel

The first thing you need to do is set up your IGTV channel. This might be an easy step, but it is a crucial one because it will determine how well your IGTV channel performs in the future. Remember that an IGTV channel doesn’t require additional steps and is readily available once you set up your business Instagram account properly.

So, once you have filled out all the information for your brand or yourself, you should simply click on the IGTV icon to create your channel, follow several prompts – and you are ready to start uploading videos!

2. Determine Your Target Audience

Before you actually start publishing videos on your IGTV channel, you should first prepare properly. Start by determining your target audience. This will usually be the same as the audience of your Instagram account, but sometimes you will want to expand the audience to get more followers and reach more users.

Your target audience can also be segmented afterward if you want to create more personalized videos. For example, if you create makeup tutorials, you can create separate tutorials for a single look but for different people (e.g. with rounder or thinner eyes, with thinner or thicker lips, with bigger or smaller foreheads, etc.)

3. Decide What Kind of Content You Will Be Creating

The next thing you will need to do is decide what kind of content you will be creating. If you aren’t sure about the scripts for your videos, you can always hire a professional writer from a writing services reviews site like Online Writers Rating who will create them for you, but choosing your content types should still be your own decision.

First, think about whether you want the videos to be informational or entertaining. Second, determine whether they will be animated or live-action. Third, decide whether they will be horizontal or vertical (because IGTV is great for both).

4. Create Your Content Strategy

Once you know your video format, you will need to create your content strategy. This will include guidelines for your videos with more details about their quality as well as your posting schedule. Think about such things as the topics you will be covering and how they fit your audience, the length of your videos, and so on.

As for the posting schedule, you need it to be able to plan your actions better. By posting during certain days of the week and within certain hours during the day, you stay consistent and can potentially improve your metrics (e.g. if you post in the evening, there will be more people to see the videos than during the day).

5. Prepare Your IGTV Video Scripts

Before you create any videos, you will first have to prepare your IGTV video scripts. These are absolutely necessary because they allow you to understand the structure of your videos better, especially if you have a single host mostly improvising while following an outline.

You can start by determining a topic and then listing the subtopics or points you want to cover in the video. Then, structure it into an outline and write a script if you need one. Remember that your educational or informative videos should answer a certain question your audience might have while entertaining videos don’t usually have to do this.

6. Hire Professional Creators

Of course, this is more of an optional step, but it can still be necessary for those who don’t want to create their own content. Hiring professional creators with a good track record will allow you to spend more time on other business-related matters while not having to worry about the quality of your content.

For example, you can hire a great writer from a custom writing reviews site who will create your scripts. Then, you can get in touch with a videographer and other professionals to film your videos.

7. Design Cover Images

Before you can finally upload the videos to your IGTV channel, you should still complete one more preparational step. You can either design your own cover images or you can find a freelance graphic designer to do it instead.

Either way, all your cover images need to meet some content requirements just like your videos. They need to have a uniform style, correspond to the videos they were designed for, and attract attention without being too flashy or clickbait-y.

8. Start Uploading IGTV Videos

Once your videos and cover images are ready, you can start uploading them to your IGTV channel. Make sure to choose the right cover image from your gallery (or you can choose a thumbnail from the video frames, but it won’t be as attractive). You should also write a relevant title for every video you upload.

Everything else is the same as any other Instagram post. You will need to write a caption, add tags if you want, and definitely include some hashtags. People will be able to like, comment, and share your videos unless you change settings on them.

9. Analyze Your Content’s Performance

Though it may seem like the end once you have published your video, it’s actually not. You still need to keep an eye on them and analyze their performance. All the metrics related to your videos are important because they will help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Likes and comments are both important, but you should also try to track down reposts to stories in which users may sometimes tag you. You can also access Instagram Insights and check how many people saw your video/post compared to how many actually watched it, liked it, and commented on it. Other stats like profile visits and audience demographic are also available on Instagram Insights and can be quite helpful.

10. Respond to Comments

Last but not least, you need to interact with your audience. Engagement is a two-way process. And besides, you will probably want your brand to have a personality and feel like there are people behind it making everything work just right.

Responding to comments under your IGTV videos is probably the best way to interact with those who view these very videos. Answer questions, start conversations and make sure that everyone gets their share of attention from you.

Final Thoughts

All in all, IGTV is definitely a very valuable tool for anyone launching a social media marketing campaign on Instagram. Use the tips from this article and you will be able to incorporate IGTV marketing into your campaign effectively and efficiently.