5 Tips: How to Create Effective Content

Valuable texts published by brands are essential today in scoring high in online search engine results and… in the minds of our audience. Learn five rules that will help you in creating effective content marketing texts.

1. Be Interesting – Always Ask “Why”

Without this approach, you won’t be able to write anything exciting. Ask yourself why anyone would want to read this text. The answer should go something like this: because you have something new to add, and you present a valid point. To be able to do that, however, an in-depth industry knowledge and general curiosity of the world is required.

To become a worthy content creator, you should regularly read everything relating to your area of interest. Scan through articles and books that touch on it, and archive everything that really piques your curiosity. Also, seek inspiration outside your industry! Observe popular texts and think why they were successful.

2. Get to the Source Like a Reporter

Press reporters go to places to first-hand get the idea and report on what’s going on or what happened. We should be doing the same in the world of business. Get out of the office! An industry trade fair, clients, and partners are just a few excellent sources of inspiration. A good starting point in creating effective content is getting to know the problems of your audience. In her book “Everybody writes,” Ann Handley calls it “developing a pathological empathy.”

If you blog about new technologies, talk to someone who makes apps. You write about customer service? Call a client that was recently asking for clarification or making a complaint on social media. Do what all the expert publishers advise: find the person closest to your story. Then interview them like a true journalist.

3. Make Sure to Have a Unique Point of View

Your brand has a unique perspective on the world. To get a more detailed and deeper look at some issue, confront it with the opinions of others. Your article will then be able to bring something fresh and meaningful to the discussion.

For example, follow the topics that interest you, pay attention to how others (big brands included) deal with them, and then think of what’s missing. Putting the information in an interesting, brand context and complementing it with an original commentary will for sure make your company and you, as the writer, stand out from the crowd.

4. Find and Present a Solution

Your story or point of view will more likely grab the readers’ attention if you supply them with practical observations in the form of case studies. Investing time in a collection of case studies or inspirational stories is probably the most useful thing you can do as a content curator.

Then think how to present your content to make it appealing to others. Embedding your video in the text is one effective way of doing so.

5. Be Elegant – Care About the Beauty of Your Ideas

Steven Pinker, a linguist and one of the most influential intellectuals in the world, gives reasons for pursuing a good style, not only in fiction but also when writing an article, a blog entry or an email. According to him, we should use a good writing style in order to “effectively spread the idea, give a good example of attention to detail and to make the world more beautiful.”

Make sure then that your text is easy to understand and that it’s presented in an interesting way, but also that it’s well written and smoothly carries a train of thought. Also, remember to have a good title that appropriately announces your content and attracts readers.

Additional Tip About Creating Effective Content

My last advice is this: even after you’ve applied all the tips I just gave you and your content is genuinely valuable and full of new ideas, before you publish it, please ask someone to edit your text for mistakes. Only after the corrections are made will your content be ready to rock the world.