How To Write a Press Release to Get Press Coverage For Your New Business (with Examples)

Did you just start a new business? This must be a special moment for you. You want the whole world to find out about it and you certainly think that what you’re doing is a quantum leap. In the beginning, you’re probably going to be working on press outreach by yourself.

To write a press release including new company, try following this clear-cut process:

  • Think of an inspirational brand-driven story for your business
  • Learn how to write a press release for your new business
  • Create a contact list of journalists who will write aboout your business
  • Define a long-term communication strategy

New business opening press release

Think of an inspirational brand-driven story for your business

The average “Joe” might not express interest in your company, product or service. However, what he might like to know is how it can change his life. When writing a press release, don’t focus on the best features of your product or the details of the service, which the majority of people may not understand. Instead, write a press release about a problem or a need that your company’s product will provide a solution to.

Think of a catchy topic for the media in the context of your new business. If it is the CEO’s exceptional personality, then highlight it at the very beginning and mention his or her experience. Let’s assume that you are opening an agency that will provide services to law firms. You’ve got an charismatic leader with a journalism background – perfect, go ahead and write about it.

Do you feel that you have a chance to offer something different in a monopolized market? Emphasize this at the very beginning. That’s what company named “Jull” did. This American start-up wanted to conquer the market of tobacco and nicotine products. That is why he defined himself as a “smoking alternative, unlike any e-cigarette and cigarettes.”

How to write a press release for your new business

What should a text for the media look like? It definitely shouldn’t be too long or too technical. At this point, we often deal with the so-called curse of knowledge that affects startups. It’s a kind of a cognitive distortion that makes us unable to explain to others what seems obvious to us. For example—we run a technology company that deals with big data processing. Over the years, we’ve been learning new languages and systems. We have reached a high level of knowledge, but when someone asks us what we are doing, we are not able to respond in a simple way.

Create a contact list of journalists who will write about your business

In the beginning, try answering this simple question: in which media outlet would I want to have information about my startup published? [Editorial note: If you don’t have your own media list, you can get relevant media contacts with Prowly]. 

However, it’s not always so obvious. In the case of technology websites, look for a journalist who has written about a technology similar to yours or about your competitors. In the case of a medium outlet with a general profile, you should simply identify a journalist who is familiar with new technologies or small businesses.

In such a relationship, it is worth taking care of the details. 

Below is the same email example above viewed from Prowly’s CRM, a tool that lets you manage your media contacts and easily send emails to journalists.

The same press release email seen from Prowly’s PR CRM

What are journalists interested in?

  • a new piece of information they have not heard of
  • a theory that challenges some current idea

Here’s how Greg Pietruszynski from Growth Bots turns cold, corporate emails into effective, relational messages:

“I’m Greg (@pietruszynski) from Growbots. We have been tweeting about the article you shared: ‘The power of personalization’. I did some research and saw that you may be responsible for lead generation at XYZ, so I decided to get in touch”

Press release new business announcement

Define a long-term communication strategy

So your product is already on the market and you’ve just landed a client who happens to be a big and well-known company? Guarantee yourself the right to use that fact in the contract, and then prepare a press release on this subject.

Did you sign your first contract with a foreign brand or a company that will represent you on another continent? Or perhaps you’re opening a branch office in another country? What surprised you at the location? What are the basic cultural differences in the mentality of your foreign clients? See? There are so many topics you can cover.

Every small business wants to get a media coverage. What is the best database program to handle it all?

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