Up Up Hippo – How to Promote a Mobile Eco-Game Controlled by… Plastic Bottles

Up Up Hippo is a non-commercial mobile game and an educational tool in the battle for clean and green Earth. All you need to play the game is a mobile device and… an empty plastic bottle. By squeezing the air out of the bottle the player controls the character of the game. Simple? Seemingly, yes. But on the other hand, trying to change the routinized habits of adults is a far greater challenge. Find out how PepsiCo Poland together with Deloitte Digital managed to do it.

Can the world be saved by one plastic bottle?

Not really, but one bottle can give rise to an everyday fight against garbage overflow around us. Uncrushed plastic bottles increase garbage volume by 80%, which results in the need for more frequent garbage removal, as garbage trucks transport air instead of waste. Despite numerous social campaigns, it is still extremely difficult to change the habits of adults. That is why PepsiCo Poland, along with its affiliate Deloitte Digital which was responsible for developing the game, hopes that the Hippo challenge will be taken up by both children and parents.


Magdalena Gronert, Deloitte, about campaign for PepsicoMagda Gronert, PR Manager at Deloitte Digital Poland

Magda Gronert, PR Manager: “The most important and at the same time most delicate challenge at the stage of planning and implementing our communication assumptions concerned the main users of Up Up Hippo. The subject of children, although very charming, requires taking into consideration many harsh, concrete and not-so-charming legal issues regarding communication—both about them and towards them. A lot of extra caution, but also good judgement as well as understanding should be involved in such activities. And although we’re dealing with a CSR project, we must bear in mind that the recipient is a child.”

Mateusz Książek, Creative Director Deloitte Digital Poland (one of the authors of the application)Mateusz Książek, Creative Director at Deloitte Digital (one of the authors of the application)

Mateusz Książek, Creative Director at Deloitte Digital Poland: “Another great challenge was to define the author of the message. Social campaigns implemented by foundations or public benefit organizations usually get a good press. Journalists are always willing to write about these types of activities. Where the author is a corporation, a suspicion always arises that somehow someone is trying to sell something. In such cases journalists tend to be mistrustful.

Finally, there’s the subject of crushing bottles before throwing them out. Supposedly everyone knows that you should do it, so this problem may seem trivial, but just take a walk around Warsaw city center to see that garbage cans are overflown with unsqueezed plastic bottles. Ecological issues are trendy, but getting rid of bad habits—well, not so much. Hence my reflection after we finished this project that we all speak openly about ecology mainly on 21 March and around the international Earth Day, but beyond these dates—using the word “indifferent” to describe people’s attitudes would probably be too harsh, but we may definitely observe less interest in these issues and activities related to the sustainable development of our planet.

As to changing bad habits—in the case of Up Up Hipo and crushing plastic bottles before throwing them into trash cans and ultimately before they reach garbage trucks—well, this is a far more complicated issue. The youngest users, if the subject is presented properly, with a proposed solution, will treat it seriously and with full engagement. Kids who worked with us during tests of the application were not only eager to play with it, but also they were able to comprehend the issue from the perspective of building new pro-ecological habits—both their own and their parents’ at home.”

Objective: Our goal was to promote the application internationally, that’s why we used Prowly:

  1. As part of our communication about the app:
    – by publishing two language versions with press materials attached in our press office (video, illustrations);

Up Up Hippo – eco game for mobile and bottle, Deloitte Digital CE Press OfficeUp Up Hippo – eco game for mobile and bottle, Deloitte Digital CE Press Office

– by focusing the entire communication about the issue and the app on a themed Brand Journal.

  1. As a media relations platform:
    – by developing easily accessible databases of journalists for all those participating in the process of communication and promotion of the app;
    – by using this platform to send press releases to Polish and foreign media.

Plus, we used local and global communication channels of both PepsiCo and Deloitte Digital.



  • Press Office + Brand Journal

Deloitte Digital Poland, Press OfficeDeloitte Digital Poland

Magda Gronert: Transferring our communication to Prowly has definitely improved the work of the PR team: in a single place, we could gather everything that was necessary at the stage of preparing to go ahead with our communication on the project, and use it easily at later stages. The option for SEM/SEO available in Prowly 1.0, offered with the website containing press releases (today’s Story Creator), was surely helpful in supporting our promotional activities. We also used Prowly’s thematic streams for publishing our press releases. Communication concerning the project was consistent in all channels, and everyone could freely access any news on the activities through the agency’s Brand Journal.

  • Facebook

Facebook Pepsi
Viewers – 6,762
Views– 2,2 thousand
Likes – 55

  • Twitter

Twitter Pepsi

  • Instagram
    Instagram Pepsi
  • YouTube

Views – 91,423



Apart from creating quite a lot of attention in Polish media, we also managed to get the major industry titles—such as Ad Week, AdNews, AdAge, Fubiz and Creativity—enthusiastic about our app. We were also invited by Łódź Design Festival to present the app in a special design zone for kids.

Coverage in numbers:

  • Total number of clippings: 45
  • Web portals: 25
  • Facebook: 5
  • Twitter: 13
  • Printed press: 2


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packaging.enfasis.com: Estrategias gaming fomentan reciclaje en los niños

oohmagazine.pl: Up Up Hippo – eko-gra na telefon i butelkę

Reach of our activities:

• Reach (number of views) due to advertising activities in social media: 2,201,621 (Facebook) + 213,503 (iOS) +1,726,973 (Android) + 26,144,031 + 12,451 + 5,665,479 (adwords) + 389,526 (YT)
• Organic reach (number of views) in social media: 96,221 (FB, YT, Insta, Twitter)
• Publications reach (due to press releases) in Poland: 50,500; in international media: it is difficult to estimate, AdAge states that each month it gets 1,6 million active users who come across content published by them both via AdAge and Creativity channels, and an update about the app posted on FUBIZ fanpage was viewed by over 32,000 users.
• Visitors of Łódź Design Festival who came by the Up Up Hippo stand: (as estimated by the organizers) 45,000 visitors in 10 days.
• Application downloads: in total, close to 12,000 downloads for both Android and iOS.

Award applications:

  • Cannes Lions 2016
  • The FWA – Awards
  • Awwward

Nagroda 2 Pepsi


  • Golden Drum
  • Creature
  • Eurobest

Awards received:

  • FWA
  • Mobile of the Day
  • The Golden Drum 2016 (nomination)
  • plus invitation from the organizers of Łódź Design Festival 2016 to present in a special zone for the youngest design enthusiasts

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Product and services: PepsiCo Recycling Program
Registrant: Deloitte Digital CE
Country: POLAND
Brand name: PepsiCo
Advertising agency, city: Deloitte Digital CE, Lodz, Warsaw

Creative Director: Michal Owczarek, Magdalena Drozdowska, Mateusz Ksiazek

Art Director: Magdalena Drozdowska, Dominik Jankowski
Designer: Dominik Jankowski

Copywriter: Mateusz Ksiazek

Digital creative: Michal Rygiel – Head of Digital Development, Tomek Sapinski – Senior Interactive Developer, Michał Jankowski, Web Developer
Client account director manager: Iza Zajfert

Account Director / Manager: Irmina Kwasiuk
Director: Maciej Kozlowski

Music: Kuba Pietrzak, Juice Studio
PR Director: Magdalena Gronert