10 Tips to Producing a Highly Engaging Webinar

The best webinars can sometimes make you feel the same as watching a movie. You feel inspired and motivated, believing you can take on the world. The opposite is true with bad webinars, where you are left cursing yourself for wasting your money and time to something so terrible. Admittedly, this isn’t the kind of webinar you want to make.

How do you produce an interesting webinar?

First, you need to ask yourself, ‘should you even produce a webinar?’ You see, not all content is worth becoming a webinar. Some topics don’t stand out or enough to be useful to your audience. Making sure your content is perfect for the webinar is a critical key in ensuring it is interesting. You know already know how some ideas aren’t ideal for a webinar. 

Now, you must choose the right content. Some of the best ideas that might be ideal for a webinar include:

  • A panel discussion of an issue in your industry
  • A detailed explanation or analysis of a topic within your niche
  • A how-to tutorial with a thorough description and examples about the topic
  • An interview with a thought leader within your industry

Following that, below are some more tips on producing an engaging webinar.

1. Choose your webinar content

Make sure that your content idea is highly specific, not some general topic. It must be something you can go in detail, so you can easily focus on the subject with less chance of going off it. Don’t try to sell it to your audience, saying it is a sensation content when it isn’t. It will seriously anger your audience, and that’s a pitfall that will be hard to get out.

2. Choose your audience

Your content is only ever attractive to people who want it. If you’ve chosen a material already, check to see if it is aligned with their needs. On the other hand, check with your audience if you don’t have a topic yet. Whether it is an educational, training or sales webinar, your content must be able to solve their problems, answer their questions, and help attain their needs.

To be specific in finding what your audience needs, you can do:

  • Determine their demographics
  • Perform keyword research 
  • Utilize surveys and polls
  • Research through social media

Video marketing stats suggest webinars as one of the best marketing techniques, but it will only make sense to the right people. 

3. Make it interesting by adding facts and quotes

What will engage your audience? While it may not be shocking, 38% of webinar attendees are said to pay attention more to interesting, relevant content. Also, 32% of them feel more engaged when you have an energetic, passionate host. With only 15% of attendees feeling engaged with slideshows and similar visuals, it becomes critical that you make your content more interesting.

You can do this in your webinar by adding some facts and quotes. Take time to research your topic, find out new resources and let go of old ones. When it comes to facts and figures, you must be meticulous and ensure it is something new for your audience. Remember that headlines are crucial for catching your audience’s attention, so make sure to come up with a unique title.

4. Add spontaneity with instant polling or surveying

Spontaneity is one of the best things that will make your webinar enjoyable. Good examples include surveying your audience and conducting an instant poll. You can use this to generate interest in new or controversial topics even more than it already is. You can also do the same with thought-provoking questions, which raises the engagement of the audience.

5. Use gamification to make it more intriguing

Introducing gaming elements into your webinar to engage your audience is also quite useful. By gamification, you add the fun and addictive aspects of games in your webinar but not in a gaming context. For example, you use points, badges, and levels that the participants acquire. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to keep your audience focused and interested in what you offer.

6. Find or create training video clips

Videos are excellent tools for creating interest in your webinar. One perfect example is a training video clip. They aren’t all the same as some of these clips use tricks to create hype instead of delivering a solid message. That being the case, make sure that the clip you look for or create reflects your goals and what your audience expects.

7. Live stream your speaker

Livestreaming is a little akin to using video content. Only, it is real-time. This technique also makes your webinar engaging, not to mention access is a lot easier for your audience. The beauty of live-streaming your speaker is it helps your audience to feel connected. Even when they are from remote places, they can connect with you through their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

8. Use promotional videos

If you want to ensure the success of your webinar, why not make a promotional video? People are more visual than text, which means using videos allow you to attract more people. It is also great for increasing the hype of your audience. You can make promo videos using parts from your previous events or create new content. Either way, it makes your webinar more interesting.

9. Record sections of your webinar

Another way you may use video in your webinar is by recording sections of it. If you are going to use this strategy, though, it is best done cyclically, especially for business. If your company is making a webinar, recording sections of it to be used in your next event is a good idea. You can share it with the attendees or use it in another event in the future. It’s your choice.

10. Make your webinar available online for everyone

Making your webinar available online is also another way to utilize the advantage of video. It offers the same convenience of live streaming, but without the need to worry about not being on time. Posting your webinar online allows more people to get access to it. That makes it interesting while also drawing attention to your next event.


When it comes to webinars and similar events, adopting an integrated approach is the key. Also, utilizing different types of video will serve you well in engaging your audience. Of course, it all depends on your strategy, the topic, and who will attend your event. Although, with the right kind of elements, you can be sure to produce a webinar that effectively communicates your message.

Cover photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash