Get a Job in PR: Visit an Art Gallery, Network & Create Content

Public relations is a competitive field. Every year, thousands of bright, passionate, and ambitious graduates from over 50 industry-related courses offered by British universities apply for the limited number of PR roles. Not to mention applicants from other backgrounds. In such a market, how can one land a job in PR?

To start with, there is no one path to securing your dream job in PR. Everyone has their own way. I’ve had my first break in the industry two months before I officially worn a graduation gown. Here are some pointers that helped me get a job in PR.

#1 Build a network

Build rapport and start engaging into conversation with industry leaders. Take advantage of social media channels and check events from organisations such as PRCA and CIPR. I landed three work experience placements just by going to the variety of industry events and meeting people.

#2 Gain some experience

Apart from a short stint in a local newspaper in high school and freelancing during my years at the university, I’ve secured seven work experiences and internships still when I was a student. They’re incredible because they show you the real-life comms and can sometimes teach you more than your lectures and mock campaigning during your classes. Reach out to the people you’ve met and see if you can join their team for some time.

#3 Create content

Sharing content is the best way to get noticed. Choose the medium you feel the most comfortable at—be it photography, painting, podcasts, writing—and use it to express yourself. Don’t shy away from posting your work across your social channels. When your future employer googles your name, they’ll be impressed. Public relations is all about telling stories. Why don’t you start with telling your own?

#4 Stay curious

PR is all about curiosity. It’s a constantly evolving industry. This means that you have to stay informed. Reading news should be your habit and you should do it on daily basis. But don’t restrict yourself to the news. The industry is all about being creative. Embrace your surroundings—visit your local art gallery and see what exhibitions are on. What if your client’s issue can be solved by something that inspired you in Frida Kahlo’s piece of work you’ve seen at the Victoria and Albert Museum?

Don’t bang your head against a brick wall. Find out what skills your future boss is looking for and land your dream job!