Forget AVE. Start measuring PR for real!

“Traditional methods no longer work. As digital becomes intrinsic to PR and the communications industry diversifies into new areas measuring outcome has become more urgent than ever” [Amit Jain]

CIPR (The Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has recently decided to give its members a year to forget about AVE. AMEC, on the other hand, has launched a major global education initiative to help eradicate the declining demand for the much-derided AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) metric. As stated on its website, “AVEs will only disappear completely when all parts of the industry work together and speak with a consistent voice. Educators, academics, in-house practitioners, PR agencies, communications trade associations and the monitoring and analytics vendors all need to work together with unified messaging to make sure that this latent demand dwindles and dies.”

These initiatives have made the subject of measuring PR effectiveness come back with double the impact. And this is a good thing.

We decided to join the debate and add some models, methods, and publications, as well as a list of tools to help you in measuring the effectiveness of Your Public Relations efforts.

We invited PRCA, ICCO, AMEC, and PR experts to work with us. By working together, we can help professionalize the industry and the ways in which it is measured and evaluated for the better.

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