Facebook Instant Articles: Who Will Benefit the Most?

We might think of this feature to exist with the help of social sharing buttons which permit Internet users to share articles on Facebook. It is at this juncture that we will need a clear definition of “Instant Articles” by Facebook.

The Instant Article is a Facebook feature publishers can use to make their content available on Facebook with the help of standardized markup language to mobile Internet users.
Facebook describes this in simple terms as “A new way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook”. An Instant Article can be published by those who have the role of an editor or an administrator on a Facebook page.

The Facebook share feature will still be available. However, when someone clicks on your article on a mobile device, they will read the article as an Instant Article on Facebook. If your article is not published as an Instant Article, your readers will be redirected to your site as usual.

This feature will be enjoyed by content markets, online news publishing platforms, other publishers, and Facebook users as a whole.

Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles:

1. Benefits to Facebook

The Instant Article feature will increase the time spent by users on Facebook which will help user retention. Facebook can thus use this feature to increase Facebook ads impressions and get a high CTR.

It will also give Facebook the power to control more content on the web since they will host these articles.

Instant Articles place Facebook in a better position to compete with Google (mobile ad publishing) and Twitter (news feed). This again supports the fact that this program will help in maintaining or increasing Facebook audience/interaction which subsequently will lead to an increase in revenue generated from advertisements.

2. Benefits to Publishers

With the Facebook Instant Article feature, publishers can publish articles manually using Facebook’s online editor. Publishers can also automate the publishing process with the use of a secure RSS feed. The automation here does not make your article available as a post. A post will be composed and published the way same way as before. This gives the publisher much more control over the content to be shared.

Secondly, publishers can place ads in their articles. These can be ads they own or ads from Facebook. This will enable publishers to participate (and) have a taste of “Facebook Money.” Publishers will thus be able to make some extra earnings here. According to Facebook, publishers can earn up to 100 percent from serving their own ads.

Instant Articles can be published directly from content management systems. This enables the publisher to reach a greater number of audiences within the shortest time.

3. Benefits to Content Marketers

Content marketers will be able to make use of this opportunity since Facebook doesn’t produce content. With more than 1 billion Facebook users, any content will be able to reach a larger audience, which is the goal of every content. Instant Articles will be a dream come true to some content marketers.

Instant Articles allow rich media in the text. Tweets, YouTube videos, and pictures can be embedded in a post. This gives room for more engagement with content in addition to the Like, Comment, and other emotions on a Facebook post. It will be a no turning back place to some content marketers when they start getting some results.

Ads displayed in Facebook Instant Articles load faster compared to other ads on the web giving content marketers the opportunity to earn more from impressions and clicks.

Instant Article publishers will benefit from the Facebook analytic tool. This tool will help publishers in tracking post activity and engagement in their content. This will help the marketer to know which type of content to target in order to generate more earnings.

Lastly, the publisher will be able to format the article and track posts. It might just be the game changer in content marketing.

4. Benefits to Brands

Brands will be able to create more targeted ads on Facebook. Most brands were targeting the mobile audience, given the increasing number of mobile Internet users. With the fast loading time of Instant Articles, brands will be willing to advertise on Facebook.

A brand can use Facebook Instant Articles to gain more exposure, generate leads, and increase sales.

5. Benefits to The Facebook User

Facebook is known as a social media platform where people meet to connect with friends, share photos, and videos. With the introduction of Instant Articles, people will be able to get access to quality content on Facebook which can be shared, making online socialization even easier. No need to navigate to external links.

Facebook users will be able to get quality articles since articles published with Instant Articles are thoroughly reviewed before being published.

The ten times faster load time compared to the standard mobile web will save time which will result in better user experience.

The impact of Instant Articles will be felt by everyone active on social media. Instant Articles are available on Android and Apple devices. The following are some of the outstanding features to remember about Facebook Instant Articles:
i. They have faster load times.
ii. Can be formatted by the publisher.
iii. Publishers are equipped with real analytics tools to track posts.
iv. Quality ads are served for the benefits of Facebook, readers, and the publisher.
v. Facebook Instant Articles are available on mobile devices and will certainly be a game changer in content marketing.

Do you think there is any disadvantage joining Facebooks Instant Article publishing program?