Day in the Life of a PR Pro in GIF Form

If this is how your daily work routine looks like, it means you work in PR. No identification with actual persons should be inferred.

You wake up

Alarm clock rings loudly. „wakey wakey, rise and shine” – they said. “It’s a great job” – they said.

giphy (1)

You drink your first coffee

Not without problems, but finally you reach for your cup, but in the meantime you spill coffee grains everywhere. Ok, great success, still too little, but you are in the hurry.

giphy 2

You sip your first coffee… no, second one

A cup of coffee is definitely your best friend now.

giphy 3

You take a quick glance at the e-mails from your clients

Trying to figure out how on earth do they manage to wake up before 6 am every bloody day.

giphy 4

Third or even forth coffee, you’ve lost the track.

Now you finally have energy to work!

giphy 5

The client, after twelfth adjustment, rejects your note.

How many times can you do it – you scream throughout your office and weep.

giphy 6

On the other hand, a different client accepts your press release at a drop of a hat

You feel, as if you were at least a William Shakespeare. Or better – Léon: The Professional. And you know, that this year you might have chance to win the master of the second plan title.

giphy 7

Its high time to distribute your press releases

If use Prowly, everything everything goes like clockwork. If you do it in an old-fashion style, it usually looks like that:

giphy 8

Oh, the journalist has just opened your message!

We assume, that you know our tool and know, what journalist are doing with your e-mails. I am pretty sure, that you look at this exact moment like that:

giphy 9
If you don’t use Prowly, you have to make a call (hundreds of calls, actually) to each and every one of them.

Follow up

Nobody likes that. Neither you, nor journalists. Still, needs must when the devil drives.

giphy 10


First publication! You’re on fire, just like Katniss Everdeen’s dress. . When your text makes its way to the media and your client appreciates it, you look more or less like this:

giphy 11

You try to build long term relationships with the media

You try to finagle them.

giphy 12

Finally, you’re about to come back home

The problem is, the client wants to have a chat with you and needs to brief you on all the plans they have got for you for tomorrow. ASAP.

giphy 13

So, once again, you have to stay at the office until midnight

You keep your smile wide.

giphy 14
It’s already dark and cold, nobody on the streets, when you can leave the office.

At home, you’re ready to drop.

Is this also your case after a long day?

giphy 15

Your emotional and social life blossom

All your friends are now living in a small, silver box.

giphy 16

And the same old story all over again tomorrow!

You try to convince yourself, that tomorrow’s gonna be a good day and that you love your job. After all, you are changing the word!

giphy 17