25 Best Blogs for Startups to Follow – by Prowly Magazine

There are hundreds of blogs designed for startups. How to pick the most valuable ones? What to read in order to make your business grow? We picked 25 startup blogs that are definitely worth checking out.

When searching for a source of knowledge and inspiration for your startup, it’s hard not to get lost. There are thousands of blogs online that claim to be ‘the best blog for startups.’

How to get through this confusion without wasting endless hours of your precious time?

You don’t have to.

I already did it for you.

1. OnStartups

A goldmine full of educational articles and insights. The blog created by a real influencer Dharmesh Shah (co-founder of Hubspot) is dedicated mainly to startup software companies, but many others will definitely find some texts for themselves. Dharmesh’s blog is all about quality rather than quantity – that’s why you won’t find new posts too often, but each and every one is packed with valuable content. If you’re looking for articles on Marketing or SaaS strategy – it’s a place to start.

What I personally find useful is an article on various SaaS Startup Pricing Pages. It’s a full study with 386 examples which give the full picture on how to set up your pricing to get the most of it.

Topics he covers:

SaaS, Marketing, Advertising, Funding

Interesting read:

Insightful Study of 386 SaaS Startup Pricing Pages

2. QuickSprout

When thinking about startup blogs, it’s hard not to mention Neil Patel. The Wall Street Journal called him a top influencer on the web and he was also responsible for Amazon’s success. Not bad, huh?

What is most crucial about QuickSprout – It’s like a step-by-step guide to better SEO and growing your network.

Topics he covers:

SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media

Interesting read:

Stop Guessing: Here’s a Social Media Strategy That Works

3. Tom Tunguz

This blog is probably not the place where you want to start when looking for startup blogs, but it’s definitely a great source of knowledge if you already know more on the topic. His articles are technical and filled with info about strategy, growth and sales, yet easy to read and educative at the same time.

Tom Tunguz is one of the few that decided to write almost every day. Weirdly, it doesn’t influence the quality of his text, which makes him a real pro in his field.

Topics he covers:

SaaS, Startups, Sales, Strategy

Interesting read:

Startup Best Practices 22 – Using Scenario Planning For Strategic Decisions

4. Hubstaff

The main reason why Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown established Hubstaff was the need to be able to manage their remote team better. Although Hubstaff has grown massively since 2012, they still concentrate mainly on the aspect of remote work. It’s a great source of knowledge for those, who want to work with an international team spread around the globe but don’t know where to start.

Topics they cover:

Remote work, Strategy, Efficiency, Management

Interesting read:

Don’t Build a Unicorn: What I Learned Starting, Buying, and Selling 3 Businesses

5. SaaScribe

 Since most of the startups operate as online businesses, SaaScribe is a blog almost every startup should follow. As the author of the blog Alex Theuma points out – the SaaS industry is booming, and it continues to be a major driving force in the sea of changes.

On SaaScribe you will find articles both of Alex Theuma and of various guests – and those different points of view make this blog so interesting. It’s full of inspiring stories and insights – once you start reading it, you won’t be able to stop.

Topics they cover:

Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Startup, Strategy, Interviews, SaaS

Interesting read:

How to calculate SaaS marketing budget

6. Copyhackers

Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones are responsible for creating Copyhackers. As they introduce the page, it’s the right place for startup founders, micropreneurs, marketers and copywriters. And that’s definitely not a lie.

What I personally like about Copyhackers is the fact that it’s not a place where you just ‘show up’ when you have a few spare minutes. Each article is more like a lecture – they are long and very detailed, giving the full picture on the topic.

When it comes to Copyhackers, it’s good to take time and read through each article carefully – you can see that the authors put a lot of time and effort into creating it.

Topics they cover:

Copywriting, growth marketing, freelancing

Interesting reads:

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Facebook Ads

7. Daily Egg

The Daily Egg is another blog co-created by Neil Patel. The authors of this blog say that they provide plenty of ‘hard-boiled resources’ that empower readers to get the best possible results on their websites. Besides inspiring and educational articles, they also publish tutorials and conduct webinars.

Topics they cover:

Conversion, marketing, design, copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, SEO

Interesting read:

A Complete Content Funnel for the B2B Buyer’s Journey

8. Buffer

This is probably a blog I don’t need to introduce. If you need to find answers to questions on social media or online marketing, it’s a place for you – a lot of valuable content created by positive people. That’s just Buffer.

Topics they cover:

Social media, online marketing

Interesting read:

Saving Time and Money: How Social Media Works for an Early-Stage Startup

9. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is an entrepreneur with years of experience. His blog was featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post and The New York Times. This guy knows everything about online marketing, creating campaigns and increasing traffic. His mission is to inspire and educate people to win at business and life in the digital world. Make sure you keep an eye on this one!

Topics he covers:

Social media, content marketing, digital marketing

Interesting read:

15 Content Marketing Trends That Need Your Close Attention

10. Kissmetrics

 Creating content is one, but testing your app and analyzing your results is a whole different thing. And that is when Kissmetric comes to help. In addition to having their own product, they also write blog posts, come out with webinars and prepare infographics. It’s the ultimate place when looking for tips on analytics and marketing.

Topics they cover:

Analytics, copywriting, branding, marketing, SEO, testing

Interesting read:

Stop Overspending Time and Money on Marketing Techniques That Don’t Work

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11. StartupNation

StartupNation was founded in 2002, and it has over 3 million visitors. Besides sharing articles, they also have a whole community that shares their insights. Additionally, StartupNation has its own radio worth listing to when on the run.

Topics they cover:

Startups, growth, management, branding

Interesting read:

7 Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

12. Startup Lawyer

Every startup has to deal with legal issues. That’s when the blog created by Ryan Roberts, a partner at Roberts Foster LLP, may come in handy. Ryan writes about incorporation, funding, venture capitals and much more. Maybe it’s not a blog for an everyday read, but it’s definitely useful for legal questions.

Topics he covers:

Incorporation, startup issues, legal issues

Interesting read:

Top 5 Worst Seed Round Terms For Startups

13. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is another business guru to follow. He runs VaynerMedia, one of the hottest digital agencies in the world and was featured in the best business media. His accurate insights engage readers, giving them an idea where to improve to become a better entrepreneur. Since he is an author of many books, he has his own blog, a YouTube channel, and a section #askgaryvee. It’s easy to get lost, when getting to his page for the first time. I’d recommend to start with his YouTube channel – short videos, straight to the point.

Topics he covers:

Social media, content, life lessons, entrepreneurship, marketing, tech

Interesting read:

Numbers don’t matter, influence does

14. Startup Savant

This online magazine simplifies the process of starting a business. What I like about Startup Savant is the fact that Ryan James, the founder of the magazine, decided to take a different approach to everyone else. Instead of creating content on how to do things and what to avoid, he decided to post mainly interviews with other entrepreneurs. It turned out to be a great success, resulting in a magazine that’s a great inspiration for many. What’s worth noticing is that Startup Savant donates part of its revenue to children in need.

Topics he covers:

Interviews, entrepreneurship, startups

Interesting read:

An Interview with Tristan Pollock: Entrepreneur, Founder & Venture Partner at 500 Startups

15. Steve Blank

One of the most experienced entrepreneurs. He shares his experience gained during his professional career in Silicon Valley with the readers. Steve’s blog is inspirational for many and followed by over 208k people. He doesn’t solely write about business and startups – he’s a huge fan of military related topics, and there are quite a few interesting off-topics.

Topics he covers:

Silicon Valley, Customer Development, Tech, Business Model

Interesting read:

What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking

16. Women on Business

A blog created by women, for women. It is an award-winning online destination for the news and information women need to have to be successful in the business world. The founder, Susan Gunelius, provides valuable insight on educational resources making her blog a perfect place for every businesswoman. And they’re open for submissions.

Topics she covers:

Education, networking, marketing, finance, public relations and more

Interesting read:

5 Small Business Growth Strategies that Work

17. Predictable Revenue

Created by Aaron Ross, the award-winning author of a bestselling book – Predictable Revenue – who has been teaching companies how to grow new sales having helped Salesforce grow from $5m to $100m. Many interesting articles on sales written both by Aaron Ross and his guests.

Topics he covers:

Sales, inbound marketing, conversion, cold calling

Interesting read:

3 Reasons To Launch Outbound During The Summer

18. Coelevate

Coelevate is a page created by Brian K Balfour, the founder of Reforge. On Coelevate, you will find many essays on growth and user acquisition – useful, detailed and well structured. Although Brian doesn’t write too often, his page is a good source of knowledge. And for those curious minds out there – he also prepares courses on growth that you can sign up for through his page.

Topics he covers:

Growth, user acquisition

Interesting read:

Growth Is Optional: 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Growth

19. ConversionXL

Established by Peep Laja, ConversionXL is obviously a blog focusing on delivering lucrative results. As they say about themselves, they write well-researched and actionable content for smart people. Their main purpose is to create content that is so valuable that you don’t need to do any additional research after reading it. It’s 100% true.

Topics they cover:

Growth, optimization, startups

Interesting read:

9 Conversion Rate Optimization Principles to Get You Started (If You Can’t Test)

20. Digital Marketer

The founders of Digital Marketer present themselves as a group of people who does stuff – invest in companies, generate unique visitors and run numerous tests. They do not have any journalistic background – they simply write about their jobs. Although there are many similar blogs online, I like this one for its accurate insights and clear layout.

Topics they cover:

Traffic generation, conversion, engagement

Interesting read:

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

21. 500 Startups

500 Startups is a huge community by startups for startups. Their primary job is helping other companies grow – their main philosophy is that in order to get clients you need to engage them first. Outside of providing a paid service for new entrepreneurs, they also have a blog section where they publish educational articles.

Topics they cover:

Growth, marketing, tips and trends, entrepreneurship

Interesting read:

4 Steps Every Startup Must Take To Build Culture, Compete for Talent, and Win

22. WiderFunnel

Chris Goward launched WiderFunnel in 2007 in order to dramatically improve conversion rates and revenue of their clients. Chris is definitely a person that can share many accurate insights; he used to work with Google, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain and in 2013, he published a book ‘You Should Test That!’ which is an ultimate guide to optimization.

Topics he covers:

Optimization strategy, A/B testing, content marketing, branding, web development

Interesting read:

59 words and phrases that convert (and how to use ’em)

23. Moz blog

What I like about Moz is the fact that their blog is divided into four categories: the Moz blog itself, a blog created by users, and two blogs of founders of Moz. In each section, you can find articles written from a different perspective, which gives the full picture on the topic. If you’re wondering what to do about SEO or which online marketing strategy to pick – take a look at Moz.

Topics they cover:

SEO, online marketing

Interesting read:

On-Page SEO in 2016: The 8 Principles for Success – Whiteboard Friday

24. Seth Godin

To be honest, I was hesitant when it comes to this blog. When I opened it for the first time, I didn’t like the layout, and his posts seemed way too short. I didn’t understand the hype around it. After reading through it, it turned out I was completely wrong – his posts are short but straight to the point. He engages his audience and his insights on entrepreneurship are spot on. He writes about serious stuff in a humorous way.

Topics he covers:

Personal insights, entrepreneurship

Interesting reads:

I recommend you just read it all

25. Prowly Magazine

I know that I’m a little subjective when it comes to Prowly Magazine since I’m one of the editors here, but I can assure you I would still be reading it even if I was working somewhere else. Great insights on Public Relations, content marketing and brand journalism. Published regularly twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday), it’s a great source of knowledge for startups.

Topics we cover:

Content marketing, PR, brand journalism, tips and tricks

Interesting read:

How PR Specialists Can Use Brand Journalism – Three Lessons to Learn