Best of Last Year: Prowly Magazine’s Top 8 Most Read Articles of 2019

It was a hell of a year! On my part, I’d like to thank all our contributors who shared their expertise, experience, discoveries, analyses, teasers for their newly published books, or predictions for the future with other PR freaks via Prowly Magazine and Prowly Academy 😊 Like every year, the time has come to make a list of top 8 most read articles of the year. Ready? Let’s go!

10 Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing – who’ll win? Explained by Harnil Oza, CEO Hyperlink infosystem.

New Hire Press Release Examples (+ Writing Tips) That’ll Get Your New Employee Announcement Noticed

Creating a press release for a new employee is a novel way to get your company name in the news, without relying on a reporter’s spin. How to do it right & what to watch out for?

13 Free Press Release Templates & Examples for Any Occasion (in Microsoft Word & .pdf Format)

As a PR specialist, writing a press release is part of your daily routine. You have to do it to connect to the audiences you care about. And if you want to get coverage, it has to be top-notch to grab the media’s attention. So why not spend less time on choosing the right format and focus on writing great content? We’ve prepared 13 free press release templates that you can use and download – and learn how to target different audiences.

6 Really Bad Press Release Examples That You Should Be Ashamed Of

Everyone is allowed to have a bad day. We get that, we really do. But what’s up with those press releases?

How to Turn Influencer Outreach Into a Powerful PR Tool

How exactly your brand can connect with your niche influencers by using a specific outreach strategy and how to integrate it into your PR campaigns? Alexandra Tachalova gives you the answer.

10 Essential Elements of Effective PR Writing

PR writing may seem hard at first. However, every piece actually has some basic sections that always should be included. Here are ten essential elements of writing effective PR pieces.

How to Send a Press Release Email to Journalists

Do you want to get a press coverage? Don’t forget about the vaule of your emails. Writing a great press release about your story is only half the battle. Getting it published is just as difficult, if not more so. Knowing how to send a press release email to journalists correctly is crucial to getting your news spread by the media.

Marketing and Brand Communication Strategies in Esports [E-book]

How to use gaming and esports in brand communication? We prepared an e-book in which you will learn: what esports is and how important it is in the entertainment business; where does PR and content fit on the esports map; whether it is worth going for streaming-based communication activities;

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