Media Monitoring

Track mentions without the irrelevant noise

Track press hits across the web with advanced filters and AI that makes sure you're focusing on just the PR mentions that matter.

Only see what's relevant

Prowly’s AI identifies the context, sentiment and over 15 other properties of each press hit. Use this information to set up specific filters to ensure you’re only seeing the mentions that you want to see.

Examples of filters:

  • Keyword combinations & context
  • Topic of each mention and website (1000+ available)
  • Estimated mention reach
  • Region and language
  • And many more

Set up email notifications for digests and alerts

Get recurring digests for daily, weekly and monthly mentions. Create custom alerts so you can analyze any unusual spikes in mentions, monitor press hits in top-tier publications and more.

Use these notifications to:

  • Receive recurring summaries of top mentions with key data
  • Quickly react to mentions with negative sentiment
  • Track trends, industry news, and competitors

Measure your PR with industry metrics

Every mention comes with a multitude of PR metrics along with other information, so you can assess and present the value of your coverage accurately.

Examples of provided metrics:

  • Mention sentiment
  • AVE
  • Outlet reach
  • Backlinks to your domain
  • And many more

Quickly build beautiful, custom dashboards

Create executive reports tailored to what you need with multiple metrics, chart types, and filters. Easily drag & drop elements around and emphasize the data that matters.

Find media opportunities and reach out directly

Powered by Prowly's database of over 1 million media contacts—get emails & social media handles for authors of mentions and get in touch instantly using the outreach tool.

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