New Functions In Your Contact Database Are Here

Email personalization by first name, tag management options and improved filtering - using and managing your contacts is now way easier!

Recently we intensively analyzed online feedback sessions with our power users. It helped us to gather valuable feedback first-hand and understand where we could improve the functionalities associated with your contact database. The feedback was great and now we are proud to announce that the recent update has drastically improved organizational work and navigation with contacts.


  • Email personalization by first name - This update brings to you the most eagerly-awaited option—email personalization by the first name. From now on, when going through the email creation process, you can add personalization tokens for First Name and Prowly will generate the proper content based on the data from contact cards. But firstly, you need to split first names from last names for all your media contacts!
  • Contact database update - On the left menu you can see the Update Names feature. Inside, all contacts currently available in your database in Prowly are listed with algorithmically extracted first and last names. If you find the update suggestion correct, you can accept it for single or multiple contacts. If you find it insufficient or missing, click the Edit button next to the contact to manually provide the proper data. You can also change the contact type from person to outlet. After accepting the update, the contact disappears from the Update Names tool and appears in the regular view of your database with the extracted First Name that can be used in your email activities.
  • Tags management - To increase your database transparency and make navigation through your contacts quicker and more comfortable, we now allow you to set colors for your tags. In a separate place called Tags, you will be also able to manage your tags (remove, rename, merge) or even label particular colors with unique names. A tags dashboard will inform you how many contacts are indicated by a concrete tag or who created it. Tagging your contacts (as well as removing tags from contacts) is constantly possible from the main view of your database and contact cards.
  • Adding contacts directly to lists - This option was also frequently requested in our feedback sessions and is in the recent update. Copy-pasting email addresses, creating single or multiple contacts in your database—you can now add them straight to existing or new lists. You don't need to go through any additional buttons or windows.
  • Sending emails from the database - When browsing a specific list or saved filter in your database, you can email contacts gathered inside them with just one click on the envelope icon. After setting an internal name for your message and pinning it to the campaign, you can move to the next step where contacts from your database will be automatically placed in the final recipients list. This is a great step forward in making it fast and easy to compose and send press releases from Prowly.


  • Improved Filtering - We renamed “Groups” as “Lists” and “Segments” as “My Filters”. We also made contact filtering easier and more intuitive. Filters are now accessible above your database. You can save them for future usage and find under My Filters. They still dynamically define the scope of contacts, verifying if they stop or start to meet conditions you have configured. Lists are still static lists that do not change until you remove or add contacts to them. Beside manual filtering, we enriched the quick filters located on the left navigation menu, so you can quickly browse through most characteristic types of contacts. Predefined conditions that wait for you are: Highlighted, Last Added, Problematic (blacklisted & bounces), Not Contacted, and Last Imported. Read more about them here.
  • New properties in contact cards - We enriched contact cards, so you can now collect more differentiated details about all journalists, bloggers and influencers. The most important new property is Owner, which will help you organize your team workflow and clearly define which user is responsible for taking care of the relationship with certain media contacts. Besides Owner, we added fields like Time zone, Topics, Outlet URL and Type, where you can select Person, Organization, Company or Outlet.
  • Refined interface - Thanks to significant improvements in the user interface, you can now get to the most important options quicker. Mostly thanks to colorful tags, navigating even through big and complex segmented databases is now more intuitive and comfortable. Making the organizational part of the job inside the database easier will save you time for core communication activities.
Label colors of tags with unique names for easier database organization.

Label colors of tags with unique names for easier database organization.

Besides publishing the update of the contact database, we fixed multiple functions in other places in the Prowly application.


  • Embedded press release in the email displays better on mobiles
  • The Remove borders option in the email creator now allows you to easily hide borders in HTML email templates containing tables with content
  • The email subject line is now left empty when you write your message, i.e. internal email name is not copied there automatically
  • We restored email subject lines in the Timeline and Emails tab in your contact cards, so you can easily verify when certain activities were done by your recipients in accordance to all executed email campaigns
  • Contact database exported in the XLS format keeps data types in the proper columns
  • Users assigned a Writer role can’t publish press releases in the newsroom anymore