Email Attachments delivered! (along with many other fixes)


Among many new improvements, you now have the option of attaching files to your email content.

At the beginning of the month, we improved email creation and distribution, which has resulted in a  great reaction from the whole Prowly community. Right after that release, we started working on the functionality of attaching files from a hard drive anywhere in your email content. You can finally find this option under the page icon, located between the Graphic and Emoticons icons on the main edition panel right here:
Before clicking it, you can select the place in the email where your attachment should be added. Then, in the newly opened window, select any file you want—it can be a video, image, pdf, infographic, or gif. Of course, you can still embed a Story with all files attached under the Insert button.

What else?


  • Creating a new group of recipients selected for a Pitch - Now, the group is saved properly in your CRM along with all contacts it includes.
  • Exporting contacts from Media Discovery on annual subscription plans - You can now use the entire annual subscription limit for exporting Media Discovery contacts at once; if you export more in the future, going beyond your quota, media contacts will occur in the external file without crucial data, like an email address.
  • Fixed name for press release downloaded in the .docx format - There won’t be any   signs hidden in the file name of the downloaded press release.


  • More frequent refresh of Media Discovery contacts in the Audience and Pitch - If you’ve got some Media Discovery journalists in your own database in Prowly, they will get refreshed and updated more frequently from now on; and even if you create a Pitch targeted at Media Discovery journalists, in the Recipients step of email creation we verify their topicality more often.