Test our new Story Creator!

We are launching a user test project and would like to invite you all to take part in our experiment.

We have scheduled the Story Creator update for early October this year. And because we value your opinions, we’d like to propose a meeting to get to know what you think about our ideas and solutions.User tests are all about observation. It’s about getting users to interact with a product, by asking them to perform a couple of tasks in the presence of observers.

Who and what takes part in user tests?

  • tester – that is our volunteer who sits at the computer and performs the task, thereby putting our software to a test. Out-loud commentary, questions, and interaction with the environment are very much welcome – there are no right or wrong answers during user tests 😊
  • observers – most often there are two of them. They observe the tester and write down their insights, thereby making a note of how the meeting went. Observers can ask questions and offer assistance. product – that is the subject of our test; in this case, the product is our new Story Creator
  • measuring instruments – that is all we will be using to record the meeting: a camera and an app to track the mouse pointer movements on the screen.

What should I know about user tests?

  • we organize an online meeting for the entire testing session, and specifically, the screen and the tester will be recorded. Why? You have no idea how much the user’s body language says about the product!
  • we’d love to publish an article summing up the user tests, so it would be awesome if you agreed to include your quotes, but this isn’t obligatory.
  • the tests will take place in the second week of September – we will arrange the dates individually with each volunteer.

The course of the meeting

At the meeting, you will get an instruction with the tasks to be completed. Then, we proceed to the practical part, during which you’ll be asked to perform the tasks. This is also the time for exchanging thoughts with the observers, who will be taking notes. Also, at the end of the practical part, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire. That’s it!

[Please note] If you’re taking part in an online meeting, you will be additionally asked to install an app that will allow us to have this online meeting (we use Zoom.us).

I’m in! What should I do now?

If you’d be interested in taking part in our user tests, first of all – THANKS A LOT 🙏. Second, write to us at support@prowly.com or via our in-app chat and tell us that you’re in. We’ll respond to set a date and send you further instructions.