Social Media Press Release: When Do You Switch to Second Gear?

New technologies and new media have already a long time ago called for a new press release format, that is, the social media press release. What’s it all about? Well, the point is to combine a press release with other materials you’re sharing online. All this to engage the audience even more and get your message out to the media more effectively. Now it’s possible with the new Story Creator by Prowly.

Buzzfeed. Love it or hate it, but you must agree with one thing—Buzzfeed is one of the largest websites in the world. According to Alexa, in terms of popularity, Buzzfeed ranks 47th in the US and 140th in the entire world. I’m just giving you a heads-up, in case you were still having doubts…

Why am I mentioning Buzzfeed? To help you realize what types of content formats have the potential to viral today and what stories attract attention online. Of course, you’re a serious person and you won’t obsess about some “meager content” and, obviously, you’re far from being interested in publishing a live video showing how you let an entire family of goats into your colleague’s room and wait for his reaction in a number of video channels. Nope, it would be beneath you.

You wouldn’t even think of doing that.Even if someone promised you 90k+ views.

You create serious content. Press releases. With a capital “p” and capital “r”. For clients that you always mention with a capital letter. And I do respect this (fine, maybe not the last part, as every journo who gets such a press release will have to correct those parts).

The point is that these things are not mutually exclusive. You can actually do both: be serious and stay on top of the latest trends, and thus be closer to your audience and their needs.

New technologies and new media have a long time ago called for a new press release format, that is, the social media press release. It implies combining traditional plain-text press releases with materials a specific company shares online, e.g., via its social media channels.

Let me show you how to mix pleasure (for you and the reader) with business (Client or Boss—capitalized somewhat intentionally, yet affectionately and kindly in all respects—it should make them happy).

Why the heck not

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a great employer branding video. So, without further ado:
The news about the girls from FCBBridge2Fun circulated in a number of industry titles. Usually together with this photo:
Pretty. But the video featuring Polish superstar Bogusław Linda is better. Much better 💪. And not only because of the iconic line, “I told you Rafał, women are nothing but trouble!”.

Just check out how the following agencies are using video materials in their communication with our content editing tool:
  • Monday PR, in preparing and promoting the event Intel Extreme Masters, the largest e-Sports event in the world, when they were live posting the entire day:
Monday's media feed on Prowly

Monday's media feed on Prowly

  • OCESA, in promoting the Twenty One Pilots’ tour:
OCESA promoting the Twenty One Pilots’ tour

OCESA promoting the Twenty One Pilots’ tour

And these agencies and companies have never been shy about using graphics and images in their communications (for examples look below ⬇⬇⬇). And that’s great because this means joyful and catchy content. According to Forbes, press releases have 1.4x more views when images are added, and as much as 2.8x more visits when they include video materials. The situation is pretty much similar to any other type of content other than press news:
And on top of these, there are all those teeny, yet so significant (especially today) elements, such as:
  • Widgets – allowing you to effortlessly and quickly share your press releases in social media channels;
  • Short, catchy headings, which make it easy for you to retweet your press releases and are mobile-friendly (meaning they will look good on the screen of a mobile device);
  • Legible text arrangement with subheadings (H2, H3, etc. headings) and bullets allowing to create lists;
  • Audio, e.g. via SoundCloud, which allows you to easily share audio materials—check out how Spotify Poland does it with Prowly:
Source: Spotify Poland Brand Journal

Source: Spotify Poland Brand Journal

  • Links to image galleries;
  • Widgets for commenting on the content of your press releases, e.g. Disqus or Facebook Comments (in Prowly, you can add them at any time);
  • Widgets encouraging the readers to leave their email address (interaction with the reader);
  • Links to other stories or social media channels;
  • CTA buttons to provoke an immediate response from your readers:
Press release with CTA by Nowprla: a full service boutique fashion agency specializing in Brand Development and Public Relations

Press release with CTA by Nowprla: a full service boutique fashion agency specializing in Brand Development and Public Relations

See how it works in practice:

Pixers’ press release with a photo gallery

Pixers’ press release with a photo gallery

Photo gallery in a press release from Bubble T

Photo gallery in a press release from Bubble T

Please note how easy it is to view photographs. If the reader decides he or she wants to download them in their original size, they can do it thanks to the attachments added to the news.

Each image and each graphic element can be captioned. Like this:
Captioned images in Cadbury’s press releases

Captioned images in Cadbury’s press releases

Attachments added to press releases from MakoLab

Attachments added to press releases from MakoLab

And if you just love GIFs, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fact that adding them in Prowly’s Story Creator is a piece of cake, and one that looks just gorgeous:
The same goes for the posts from your (but not only) social media channels. And if I wanted to tease my colleagues who have read the latest issue of Marketer+ in less sun-drenched places than I did just a few weeks ago, it would do this:

Nie wiem jak wy, ale ja jestem na bieżąco z najlepszym contentem 😎 pozdro z urlopu Justyna Bakalarska Marketer+ ❤ i cała...

Posted by Edyta Kowal on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

English version of this post: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m up to speed with the best content 😎 Greetings from my vacay Justyna Bakalarska Marketer+❤ and the entire team of super experts (Igor Bielobradek Jacek Szlak Łukasz Kosuniak Michał Szczepański Grzegorz Miłkowski Adrianna Kubik-Przybył  Emilia Radecka Marcin Żukowski Alicja Wielgus Anna Ledwoń-Blacha), whose articles and columns together with my humble commentary may be found in the latest issue of this fine magazine

And because I appreciate both sunshine and great content, I will throw in here—using the super easy and available in our tool option of embedding (that is, attaching or simply pasting) posts from different social media channels—an interesting piece by Gini Dietrich about why you should be publishing in your own channels:
Why, according to Gini, should you establish and tend to your own media outlets? Because your own content platform, over which you have full control, is key to inbound marketing and can ensure constant traffic from the people interested in your stories. Prowly’s Story Creator, together with Brand Journal, allow you to do precisely that—you create your content (press releases, blog posts, etc.), publish and share it online, send your materials to journalists or subscribers, follow up on them (when needed), and check how all the work you’ve done is translating into results (views, clicks, email opens, etc.). And, you know what’s the best part? At this level, you can “like” and comment on my Twitter post which I pasted in my article. And now you know my story will always present the “current state.”

On top of that, our tool lets you optimize all your stories in terms of SEO. This allows you to get more visibility in Google and go real DEEP with your news in search of audiences.
My friend Rafał wrote a cool piece on how to create press releases that will please both journalists and search engines. You can find it here. Every element Rafał describes in his article (different types of headlines, key phrases, external links, meta description, alt attributes for images) can be easily set when creating content in Prowly.

Icing on the cake 🍰

SEO, graphic elements, social media, lists are one thing. But there’s more. Here at Prowly, we listen. Every now and then we invite industry experts to test our solutions. We believe their contribution will allow us to develop our tool in line with their needs and the latest trends. This way, we have “grown up” to make (YUP!) adding a lead to your texts no longer mandatory and to allow you to add new paragraphs to your body copy by simply hitting the ENTER key. Every day, we’re trying to unleash your superpowers. It’s been coded into our DNA and rooted deeply in our mission. We are simply doing everything we can to make sure you master the art of PR just like Winnie-the-Pooh has been straight killing it with getting honey out of a jar. Seriously!

So, how’s it going to be? Care to see some more Prowly action? You can get access to our platform for 7 days of free testing by signing up for a test account:
You can also read about our Story Creator here or request a product demo. It doesn’t get any easier than this 😉 As soon as you make the call, Wojtek, Karolina or... Karolina 2 will take over 👊😎