Get Media Contacts with Prowly

Reach journalists from a database counting over 1 million media contacts.

Let’s be honest. In the PR world, there’s one thing that makes all PR pros shiver–the media contacts database. With the proliferation of media outlets, knowing who is writing about your industry or business is getting more and more desirable.

However, you still need to get your content to the right person if you want to promote your brand. Creating great content is one thing but you need to share it with someone other than your immediate family.
Prowly has come up with a solution to that frustrating problem. How? Partnering with worldwide media database provider, we offer a list of media contacts tailored to your industry and location from a database generated from over 1 billion tweets and 200 million news articles from across the whole web. To make things easier–the contacts will be automatically added to your account.

Most self-respecting journalists have some kind of Twitter presence so using it to track them down is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. They’ve nowhere to run. Afterward, you can send highly targeted pitches to different Media Lists and analyze results by monitoring opens and clicks.

And if you want to know how to keep your media contacts database organized without going crazy, you may take these tips into consideration.