6 Things You Should Know About Spring Cleaning In Your Media Contacts Database

Once you go to the media contacts database from the new white menu in Prowly, you will notice several changes that should make your work more pleasant and navigating the part of the app responsible for managing your contacts faster.


1. New Media Contacts Database View

The updated media contacts database allows you to shuffle the data you see in the main view. Would you like to set up a city name, phone number or email address so that they are visible next to each other? The easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is select the specific data you are interested in at a given moment.
With the column configurator, you will be able to select what contact data you want to see in the main view.

2. Group and Segment Stats

You can send press releases to predefined groups and segments forming your mailing list. You can view the statistics of individual recipient lists by clicking on “Stats” in the list of groups and segments.
Data on groups and segments will be more easily accessible from the list of elements.

These statistics will show you how active a given segment or group is in terms of open and click rates for your mailings. In addition, you will be able to see how the statistics of this group compare to the average statistics for your mailings in your account:

Group and segment statistics will show you which of your contacts are most active.

3. Select All Contacts in the View More Flexibly

While you’re working on larger groups of contacts, it is good to have some convenient options for contact selection at hand.

Whether you’re working on a smaller or larger database, you will surely find our smart shortcuts to be very helpful sometimes. These will allow you to select specific contacts (e.g. those you currently have in the view) and carry out mass actions on them (e.g. adding a tag).

4. Pagination of Media Contacts Database View

Thanks to pagination (paging the contacts database), you can better manage the view of the database and actions to be carried out on selected parts of your database.

5. Mass Actions on Contacts Database

Once you select the contacts of your choice, you can perform so-called mass actions on them, such as adding and removing tags, adding to groups, removing contacts from the database.

6. Updated Configuration of Filters

Filtering contacts is a great feature! We’ve slightly updated the way you select filters, so you can have an even clearer view.
These changes are only some of the updates that are coming to Prowly with the arrival of spring. We hope you’ll find them to be a positive development in your daily work with our application 🌱🌱🌱