Exporting Contacts from Prowly

With the release of Prowly 5.2.2, we launch product updates on the new Changelog site. Now exporting contacts found in Media Discovery with all the crucial details like email addresses is finally possible.


What it's all about?

  • you can export as many Media Discovery contacts each month as you can transfer to the Audience according to the limits set in the subscription plan you’ve subscribed to,
  • if you export a Media Discovery contact that was already exported from Prowly in the same subscription period, it does not affect your monthly or yearly export limits,
  • if you exceed subscription plan limits during an export process, you can decide which contacts should be exported without full details,
  • you can import Media Discovery contacts back to the application, but they will be included in the contact limits set in your subscription plan,
  • you can download the file in the CSV, XLS or XLSX format,
  • you can define which property columns should appear in the downloaded database, and
  • you can view export history - who exported the database, how many contacts were in the file and to what extent your Media Discovery export limits were used in a given export operation.