We don't like surprises when it comes to finances! Probably neither do you! So please note our billing rules.

Payments and renewal

You'll see your credit card charged for the first time when you decide to pay for one of our plans that suits you.

Unless the Order Form states otherwise, all subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal (without the need to go through the Services-interface "check-out" or execute a renewal Order Form) for subsequent periods equal to one (1) month or one (1) year or a period equal to the preceding term, whichever was chosen; and the per-unit pricing during any automatic renewal term will remain the same as it was during the preceding term.

All monthly and yearly subscriptions renew automatically on their due renewal date according to the date of purchase until officially canceled in writing.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment information is up to date and that all invoices are paid on time. You agree to pay for the Services in advance of the period during which these Services are provided. Subject to the applicable laws, rules and regulations, the payments received will be first applied to the oldest outstanding invoice in your billing account.


The customer may cancel a subscription at any time by emailing a notice to After this has been done, the customer will receive an email from, confirming that their subscription to services has been canceled.

Strong customer authentication for purchases

To comply with the European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), will support strong customer authentication (SCA).

Strong customer authentication requires the use of two-factor authentication to complete a transaction. If you're subscribing to one of's paid plans, you may be required to verify your purchase with your bank before it's processed.

Please keep in mind that individual banks will decide how this additional layer of security is enforced.

Payment errors

If you have any trouble making a purchase from, you may need to try to proceed with the payment again or use a different payment card. If you continue to have a problem, reach out to your bank or us for additional help.

All our customers may upgrade their subscription plans at any time. In such case, the customer can execute this by him/herself in the app, or if you aren't able to do it by yourself, please write an email to, and we will try to help you. At the time of your upgrade, your prior account plan charges will be prorated based on the number of days under the prior account plan. Your payment method will then be charged at your new billing rate for the new subscription term thereafter.

Downgrade your plan

All our customers can downgrade their subscription plan for the SaaS services at any time by writing an email to

All changes will be visible starting the subsequent billing cycle.


Refund and return policies are not required by law for software, such as All payment obligations are non-cancelable and all amounts paid are non-refundable, as a rule.

Despite this, if you send us an email with a refund request, we will assess each case based on their merits, considering the digital nature of items and the type of the item preview that was available before purchase. There is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit in the following situations:

  1. you have changed your mind about an item,
  2. you bought access to by mistake,
  3. you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item,
  4. you ask for goodwill,
  5. you forgot to cancel your subscription before the first day of the new billing cycle.

If we decide to issue a refund, this will generally be done using the same manner used to make the purchase. So if the item was purchased using PayPal, your money would be returned to your PayPal account; if the item was purchased using a credit card, you would be offered a refund using the same payment method. All payments to you will be made in the same currency you used.

Note: We do not provide refunds for the period in which your account subscription was active or at least one of our modules was used.

It is important that you understand how refunds work for

If, as a Customer with a account, you submit a complaint with a payment agent, this will result in the freezing of your’s account until the complaint has been resolved. This makes it very difficult to address any related issues and means we cannot make payments or process refunds out of your account, so we encourage buyers to contact us directly first to see if we can help resolve any concerns.