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Newswire or media outreach?
Find out how these two different PR distribution methods differ in pricing and the results they can bring.

How much does it cost to distribute a press release with PR Newswire?

PR Newswire
Regional MediaState & Local MediaNational Media
Annual membership fee
Distribution of one press release
Words included
Each 100 words extra
Extra fee for including media
(video or image)
Extra fee for including a logo
(annual fee)
Number of outlets
Journalist targeting options
International distribution
$1200 - $8700 ($300 - $2200 per extra 100 words)
So, if you want to distribute one 400-words press release to national media, with a logo and an image, it will cost you $1130 + $690 annual membership and logo fee.
Total price:
$1130 + $690

Compare that to how much you'd pay for distributing a press release using Prowly's media database and pitch features.

Monthly subscription
(including 1000 email sends)
Monthly subscription
(including 5000 email sends)
Number of press releases
you can send a month
(as long as it's under your plan's email limits)
Words included
Including media (images, videos)
Including a logo
Journalist targeting options

Total price:

$400per 2500 pitch emails sent

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PR Newswire
$1130per one press release
+ $690annual membership and logo fee

What other features do you get with Prowly?

cision logo
Chris Zelig, Partner

We tried other PR software before Prowly. Most of the other software was more expensive but less effective, far less user-friendly, and, frankly, not really worth the effort. That is why we will never go back. Prowly just makes everything easy and quickly accessible.

Media contact database
(with 1,000,000+ journalists)
Local, national & international media contacts
Free 7-day trial
Contract lengthMonthly or annual
Email personalization
Pitch analytics
Press release creator
Online newsroom
SupportLive chat & video call
SEO features
Free training
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How can targeted media outreach be more effective than a newswire?

Newswires typically work with a 'spray and pray' approach, meaning you're essentially paying for your press release to get almost no valuable impressions and relevant engagement.

The PR industry is moving towards targeting and customizing pitches towards smaller—and more importantly, relevant to your story—groups of journalists and media influencers.

With Prowly, you're sending your press release to people that are waiting to cover a story like yours.

Using a powerful media database, find relevant media contacts or outlets with location and beat filters. Next, send them personalized emails with your visual press release made using Prowly's press release creator.

Pricing Table

[With PR Newswire] I find that [my press release] goes to many super-micro channels that have zero exposure, so I'm paying over $1200/press release to get almost no impressions/relevant engagement on my press release. If the platform was more targeted to specific media publications/bloggers/influencers who are willing to open up their email to read the press release, then it would be a different story.

Neta Y
Director of Global Marketing
PR Newswire
Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer

Flexible, transparent & budget-friendly pricing plans

We don't charge any membership fees or other annoying fees like including a logo, image or video in a press release.

PR Newswire charges a membership fee (which they waive for some promotions) and then charges additionally for extra images and other media. PR Newswire also charges separately for geographic distribution and certain media lists.

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Prowly - All Your PR Activities in One Place

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The best PR tool on the market


We tried a couple of PR tools but eventually chose Prowly and we are extremely happy with everything it provides - the features (especially brand journal!), customer support (very responsive), and the ease of use (all features packed in the great design and well-thought interface). I am pretty sure you will love Prowly once you try it!

Review source: Verified Capterra Reviewer

Best product ever

The easiest way to communicate with journalists and consumers via your newsroom/brand journal. The best customer support ever. :)

Great tool for PR pros!

I believe that every article, every advisory opportunity, every interaction with a client should make the working world better than it was before... and Prowly is helping us to make it real.

The best tool for communications pros!

Prowly makes it all. CRM, pitch, media, stories. The product is everything I need in my everyday work. I have space to write, to promote, to send, to analyze. I can't imagine my job without it.

Reviews source: Verified Capterra Reviewers

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